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Cundolini wants his hand back

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duke at Eee, May 1, 2015.

  1. Well I don't want to show my age but I was just reminiscing over an old Kawasaki Z900 and then moved on to what movies they've been in. Mad Max the original and the Oz classic Stone are just a couple. And then there's the various scenes and lines from each of them that spring to mind, like the one for the title to this thread. So have you a favorite bike movie (new or oldish), or a favorite scene or line? In the words of Jim Goose 'don't ask me, I just got here myself'

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  2. Only a few come to mind and they're just scenes. Brad Pitt on an old bike in Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The end of Tron with the gorgeous Olivia Wilde riding an even more gorgeous Duc.
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  3. Great movie
  4. As for movies with bikes.

    Will Smith iRobot MV Agusta f4
    Tom cruise. Mission impossible speed triple stunting
  5. Skyfall James bond Robbie Madison does the riding
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  6. Kill Bill - Uma Thurman with the must have yellow jacket. Not much of a bike but....
    And Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit - Chris Pine destroying the Diavel
  7. Megan fox on the aprilia in transformers 2
  8. heh.

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  9. Tom cruise in top gun...na...
    I'll get me coat will I?
  10. "What about your leg?"

    "Screw it. I've got a spare"

    Anthony Hopkins as Burt Munro in The World's Fastest Indian.
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  11. funny you should post that it was on foxtel last week ..I was "What the fcukk is this ?
    Biker Boys nice bikes shit acting .
  12. I hadn't seen it at all until it was on Foxtel last month. Luckily I only ever caught the last 10 minutes of it because I was waiting for the next movie.

    It is definitely not Laurence Fishburne's finest film.
  13. "jap crap"
    Stone is a great film, but being a British fan my favourite part is watching him do wheelies on his Norton.

    We really haven't had enough great bike films, plenty of good car ones, like vanishing point(original) and gone in 60 seconds (I like both) but most of the time bikes seem to play 2nd fiddle :(
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  14. Watch
    watch torque, helicopter engine in a bike fkn lol
  15. image.
    Not feelin the need Oldmaid?
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  16. You do know the Y2K is an actual motorcycle, yeah?

  17. Tom Cruise is probably more your height though, OldmaidOldmaid ?
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  18. I'll be your wingman Maverick
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  19. Sorry I'll have the lamb roast...or even Kellie McGillis before Tom:ninja: