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Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Jack Flash, Nov 9, 2015.

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    I was going to ask what some of the stroke figures mean regarding engines but then actually found one that has Suzuki S40 as square [94x94] When all I could find before was a stupid 94x4 and similarly with other makes. I thought this must be ratio or such because several calculator sites have a ratio thing you cannot sideline. Fortunately, as I prepared to write this post, I found a page that stated S40 at 94x94 and then also found an old English site that has no parifinalia and is straight forward. Sorry to bother anybody with a non enquiry. Now all I really need is a true KW for each motorcycle. The japs seem to want to keep them secret. I am looking at S40 for purchase and trying to get by the usual gab about it being a learner bike. I am getting on and have back/leg issues and, as a 650 used to be a reasonable bike [back in the days when you didn't buy only to pose] I am looking at low height S40 [+gelseat] or BMW c600 stepthrough. All I find on the forums are kids [and older kids] saying 650 is a starter bike and no good for a distance run and definetely no real discussion on power [horses and NMs] other than a much heavier Yamaha or Kwaka 650 is so much more powerful. Anyway I have solved my bore/stroke problem. I guess the power one will take a little longer unless someone has access to HPs/torques for all bikes?

    Why did I have to mention strokes. I have drop down add in bottom [pun] right of my screen that nearly gave me a stroke and probably deserves a stroke. In case noone else has the drop down it is some bird washing a car with busted denim shorts on she borrowed from her big sister. i'm off to get some lunch.
  2. Have a read of Do I want a Suzuki S40?. A few bikes are compared in the thread. Also Motorcycle Ergonomics might help you compare seat heights of a few others.

    Searching bikesales.com.au and using a keyword of "kw" will list all bikes with the kilowatt power rating given in the add.
  3. Wikipedia lists it as 23kW and a wet weight of 173kg which puts the LAMS calculation at:

    1000 x 23 x (173 + 90) = 87.5 kw/tonne

    so power is down on the LAMS limit but they are quite torquey so you can be "minimally judicious" with your gear changes as it will have torque enough to carry you through.