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NSW CTP Protest Rally - 31st August

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Whilst the Flyer from the Facebook page is advising of an actual "Ride", AFAIK, the MCC are only co-ordinating a Rally to coincide with the opening of Parliament after winter recess, at Parliament House, Macquarie St Sydney on Tuesday 31st August from noon

    Work clothes, suits and smart casual is a great way to show that there is no stereotypical motorcyclist

    Whilst the Rally is not "set in stone" we feel it is much easier to cancel it, than officially organise at a later date

    So organise that time off, as read elsewhere, 250cc CTP's have gone up much more than half a days pay!!

  2. Fark it, I'll come.

    Good coffee across the road from there.
  3. I'll be there ;)

    Hopefully got a few boys from work coming along too. Spread the word!
  4. Should have a bike (AND PRACTICE!!!) by then so I'll hopefully I'll be able to come over, it's only 15 minutes away from my work so I can do half day hopefully. I'll probably stroll up on a 250 :p
  5. BINGO

    Not everyone's a member of a Forum, or MCC Member Club, so as many people as you can tell be great

    Thanks again
  6. I agree that it's easier to do as an EOI now than try to spring it on people at the last minute - but you also pay the price of posting up a generic "let's go protest" call to arms.

    It would be nice to know some basics before committing to attending like.....

    - Which government department is this directed at? Fair Trading, Transport, Premiers Office, etc, etc?

    - Should the ombudsman be lobbied first?

    - What is the planned route?

    - What authorities will be notified? Last thing you want to see is riot police tazering, batoning and arresting riders because the peaceful rally was hijacked by ratbags.

    - Is there a charter for the protest other than increased CTP prices. I mean lets face it, stuff goes up in price all the time, so what makes you think that the public will be sympathetic to some (relatively) minor insurance rises for a minority group that's perceived as high risk anyway?

    - Is the plan a show of solidarity, a purposeful blockade of CBD traffic or a soft show of numbers in a nondisruptive rally?

    - Has anyone published statistics on rider injuries and the health costs to support the protest?

    - Is the CTP system a cash cow for insurance companies or is it a financial nuisance? Some numbers to support either way would be good.

    - So we rock up on an unplanned and undirected protest ride and there we are out the front of parliament house - then what? Do we chant slogans? Do we charge into the building as a rioting mob? Do we take hostages? Can we bring Vuvuzelas? Or do we mill about aimlessly then gradually disperse in a huge anticlimax?

    - A hundred other questions that I haven't considered in my 5 minutes of think time in posting this?

    I've seen the facebook link in another forum and one poor bloke is trying to call for clarity and information and he's been shouted down in a torrent of "it's obvious we're being robbed and we need to do this protest ride" even though they have no answers to any of the above - just shy of being called "un-Australian"

    For the record, I'd like to see this go ahead!!!! But it needs a clear purpose with definitive plans on how to achieve our goals. And if someone can convey them clearly then I'll probably come along.
  7. Dean makes some really good points there.

  8. All we're doing is trying to unite motorcyclists to a common cause

    AFAIK there is no ride

    It is a gathering of motorcyclists to protest the unfair CTP charges on 250cc motorcycles

    Yes the police have been notified of the Rally

    This has been advised to me just over a week ago, further details will be provided as they come to hand

    If you can't see the benefit in that, then best to stay at home and look back on the day and be happy that you did nothing

    Oh, and have you guys all written to your local member yet?
  9. Hmm... my lil 250 down the F3?
    Spose i could give it a shot! Only live once!

    edit: as long as there is cake.
  10. I've written a letter (thought the email would be useless) to the member for Wakehurst, haven't got a response yet.

    No need to get agro dude, the **** would I be asking what the agenda is for if I was going to stay home?
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  12. Champ, you haven't done a good job of convincing me that attending will be "doing anything" either. Being sulky or dismissive isn't helpful to someone looking for answers.
  13. D1300 is right.

    I reckon the vuvezeula's not such a bad idea. You'd get cameras there anyway.
  14. I'm in for this one. As I've mentioned, if anyone wants the document I'm using as a flyer / notice, please email me at:


    and I'll send you out the documents you can use (and you can change whatever if need be, just don't be an idiot about it)

  15. Where do you reckon you could buy them in Sydney? Or just make em?

    Turn up during sitting and sit in the public row with vuvuzelas!
  16. Online from Amazon.com
  17. I guess everybody can at least agree that Vuvuzelas should only come in black.
  18. i will get there from work ( near cargo bar ).
  19. I'll be there. Would appreciate more info/details as they can be sorted out too - D1300 raises some really good points that everyone organising, and even attending, should be clear on. Learn the lessons from the Mexicans the other week, and go one better.
  20. Oh lord imagine the sound of 100+ bikes revving and a 100+ riders with vuvuzelas outside parliament. Christ on a stick will that get media attention!