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NSW CTP on the bloody rise again

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Rogues, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. for some of us anyway.........

    just got my renewal from GIO, which has always been the cheapest..... up from $323 last year to $472 this year:eek:......... that a goddamn 47% increase the bastids :mad:

    over 55
    over 1325cc
    private/country NSW

    had a look at the comparison website and GIo is still the cheapest Dammit!!:cry:

  2. I checked mine on line and it doesn't seem as though it's going to change much. Obviously 47yr old Bandit riders don't crash as much as 55+ yr old GSX1400 riders.
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  3. heh,heh.... fcuk off Mick, :D
  4. Be prepared for a hit on Insurance across the board I am afraid. Our friend Hotshot Captain of the Costa Concordia looks like costing the Insurance industry in excess of half a billion in salvage alone. That is prior to any replacement of a $400 million ship. Insurers are calling on Second level Reinsurance which effects us all. :(
  5. I feel quite lucky that I just paid my CTP last month then... $147 with QBE - one of the few joys of turning 50 I suppose :)
  6. Nah its not that...its because somehow GSX1400 owners have found a way to fit an extra pillion on...because apparently its all these sneaky pillions is the reason theres been a boost in insurances........my pillion must be one of those ninja variety because i havent pillion anyone yet on my bike, yet my insurance keeps going up.
  7. Well there goes the plan of registering my CBR400..............might just register the 125 again.
  8. That's not the complete reason. CTP now covers (in part) the at fault driver/rider.
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    :confused: How come my POS is only $349 CTP (up $15 from last year)
    ............. and yet the bike is $472.....??

    I think I can cause more fukkin' mayhem with a 1600kg motorvehicle, ploughing through a goddamn shopping mall filled with malingering centrelink fcukwits in the middle of the day than I can with a 240kg bike.........

    rip-off bastards... :cautious:

    rang GIO....... to justify their increase, 47 fukkin % he stated there must have been an increase in claims.. but assured me they were still the cheapest :mad: ..... so fukking wot??
    ........ and of course the cover letter coming with the renewal confirms that prices are increased due to the fact that:
    'now we cover the dickwad, at fault driver for $5000 as well (just for all those drunken P-plate morons that plough into parked cars or wedding shops......
    .....and with the reduction of interest rates we've gotta make sure we've got a pool of money for future claims so............
    we're gunna ream you instead"

    Damn, I'm pissed off........ and I havent even had a drink yet :mad:

    time to 'man the battlements' again boys........ the mongrels bent to the masses last year but they're trying to recoup lost ground in one blow, the bastards... $15 for a POS but bikes, naaah, stitch 'em up for all we can get:( ...!!
  10. Its a rip off....they all have their actuaries making their mysterious calculations..............that will always result in profits, no matter the financial climate.

    Unlike other businesses that may profit one year and a loss the next...........big Australian banks always seem to be profit after profit after profit, not only that but these greedy bastids seem to always be on RECORD profits after RECORD profits year after year................people bend over these money hungry big end of town and take it whichever way, some with a smile on their face.

  11. Im a skeptic and think that the reason they really introduced this (government backed or otherwise) is because theyve now figured out that they get more $$$$$ by slugging everyone else for the pleasure...............they always do things to fatten their bank accounts, not because of the kindness of their hearts.
  12. In some respects I don't blame them. They don't go in to the insurance business to loose money, or to be a charitable organisation. Most have investors that expect to see profits.

    But, there is a difference between making a reasonable profit and ripping your customers off, particularly when your customers have little choice in it.
  13. It's cute to see you all whining about CTP costs - wait til you hear what us youngins pay... I'm 21 and ride a 484cc bike which costs close to $700 to register each year :|

    Hopefully it will be going down soon as I get older. I've heard it drops significantly at 25.
  14. Don't you southerners have single seat rego??

    Must be time to petition your local MP ;)
  15. it doesnt drop significantly now till 30... i was quite dissapointed when i turned 25.

    it used to drop when you turned 21... untill i got to 21, then they decided o rise it... seems they have done it again.
  16. And for us already buggered home-owners, hang on to yer hat when you open the next building/contents renewal letter. The increases this year are unbeliavable.
  17. Bare your back sides once again boys and girls....the insurers wants to fcuk you up again. NSW CTP to increase by $50 (around $260 more than other states), if the government doesnt accept their proposal then they are threatening of pulling out....the government is powerless to reject the proposal.............

    As for injuries........."less than 50 cents of every dollar paid in premiums paid actually goes to those who are injured".

    So bend over ladies and gentlemen!

  18. well, that dopey prick just got an email from me........o_O
  19. Anybody interested in letting this 'Minister' know we have a collective grievance at the absurd increase in motorcycle CTP cover whilst cars get laden with only an approximate $15 increase can email his department here......

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    Another article on this claiming a review will be done but way too late to beat the next increase.
    Also blames blowout in costs on Legal Costs and slow processing of claims.


    Average cost increase for cars next month is $50 (about 10%). Email I got that linked to this article claims some classes of bikes may go up by 17%.