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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vvp, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Just got a registration renewal for my scooter with $292 for the CTP. WTF? Last time I paid CTP on a bike (Yam FZ1) in 2008 it was 220. That's a 30% increase in 1year! Now my piddly scooter has almost the same CTP as my 2 ton 4wd. Is this right?

  2. CTP has gone up across the board. It now costs me $808/pa to register a 6cyl vehicle.

    Vans and Utes have it even worse with a levy placed on them.
  3. Is the CTP in QLD privatised?
  4. Yup, CTP is through private companies.
  5. I don't think its quite lassaiz faire, because maic sets the basic premium and only a few insurers are allowed to provide CTP. The premiums are probably set through some "industry consultation" and a nice little cabal. I thought it was outrageously expensive at 200, now its just ridiculous.
  6. Single seat rego will cut almost $200 off the CTP, so its pretty clear where the claims are (pillions).
    My bike is single seat regoed for that reason.
  7. What is required for that?
  8. Not much, but it has to be official.

    Unbolt your pegs, remove seat and replace with cover. Then get it single seat complianced with a mod-plate.

    Based on current rates, it reduces your yearly costs by $192.
  9. I am sure someone said you need to make the modifications permanent? I already have a seat cowl and I really want new hangers for the pipes (they also have the foot pegs attached currently), but if I need to fill/weld the frame points where they attach I'd be stuffed.
  10. on my bike I had to remove the foam out of the pillion half of the seat (I replaced it afterwards) - covers won't do apparently, but if you can get a single seat with cowl that's fine. Pegs have to be removed but I don't think you need to take an angle grinder or wielder to it.

    Having said that, they hardly check (random checks from transport), they just look at the roadworthy certificate and take the mechanics word for it. Police would probably give you a hard time about it if warranted.
  11. Yeah I used a single seat cowl. And they don't care about the foot-peg frame mount points. However I did need a exhaust hanger from YEC.
    Together with the roadworthy certificate I also got a modification certificate, which proved that it had been adequately modified etc.