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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by sparky1967, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Hi everone,

    My bike is due for rego and to my utter shock found that the CTP green slip for the ZZR1100 is about $500 in NSW.

    Does anyone know of a cheaper CTP insurance for my bike. I recon that we are being had by insurance companies, as my Commodore CTP is only $260.00.

  2. Gotta live with it I'm afraid. Cheapest I could do for teh GTR was $460something.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. The original quote I got for my V-Strom was around $623 which I eventually got down with (another company) to $354.

    I would suggest just ringing around and haggle, worked in my case (kinda, I got someone else to do it for me :grin: )

  4. Got mine down to $387 thru GIO for the Blackbird, ... just keep ringing around. :) You can also visit motor accidents authority website, put in your details and get a list of the best prices straight away!
  5. Thanks for the replies,

    This sux, us riders really cop it in the hip pocket when it comes to all forms of insurance. I wonder what bulls**t they use to try and justify these high CTP costs, my 230kg bike is not going to hurt a car driver badly compaired to its rider if I fooba.

  6. Thank the government and it's ridiculous amendment to CTP insurance, now it also pays for you and other road users........odd that with the old system, it ran at a small profit (and muuch cheaper), and we never needed these other coverages............

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. yeah, GIO is the way to go !

    yeah, it sucks dogs balls man !!

    VTR250 - $147 <300cc
    Monster - $480ish >300cc !
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  9. Not really. I got a better price ringing around. QBE dropped from $678 or similar to $368 or similar in the Nx650-

  10. Next couple of months are expensive in this house with 4 bikes up for rego.
    The 1st of the ctp's arrived yday.

    CTP for Mr Charmed's CBR600 $287.00
    Break it down
    Prem $227.24
    GST $22.72
    MCIS $ $37.04 - this is new. Though I can understand the reasoning for it, I'm just in two minds about it & trying to find out how they calculate just how much of this you pay. Be it a % or a fixed figure.

    So yes I will be doing the annual ring around, asking for discount if we get all 4 through who ever blah blah. But gut feeling stills tells me QBE may still be the cheapest.
  11. A couple of people I know who have had CTP in NSW with NRMA have found their renewal to be over $600 for the coming year, which is way up on the previous $360-ish they had been paying. After phonecalls resulting in "sorry, thats the amount you have to pay" they have taken their business elsewhere (GIO seems to be as good as anybody). At least they received a remewal notice. NRMA didn't even send me a renewal notice. Ever since NRMA listed on the stock exchange, they have raised prices, and things members used to get for free, you now have to pay for. It seems they only people they are interested in these days are their shareholders. Definitely not motorcyclists.
  12. NRMA sent me my renewal for the Daytona 1200 - $650+. Did the web site thing, then made a few calls and GIO came in at $380, best by far. I called NRMA back to see if they wanted to keep my business by matching it, best they could do was around the $550 mark. There underwriters obvioulsy don't want them taking on any bike > 300cc business.


  13. NRMA was cheaper the last couple of years for most bike insurance. I think they made a conscious decision to go after bike business. They have probably changed their mind.

    So the healthiest thing you can do for all of us is shop around.

    and yeah it sucks. The ACCC obviously doesn't care that it doesn't make sense to charge bikes more for green slips