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NSW CTP Green Slip price differences

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by AznCruiser, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. I had a quick brows on the cost of a green slip for motorbikes. I was thinking of registering my ZX6R 636 and either the CBR400R or the RS125…………….wow what a massive difference in costs. No wonder people opt for a scooter or a small capacity bike as a daily commute.

    Can these guys seriously justify the huge increase or is it just some fresh out of uni actuaries noob picking figures out of thin air?................Ive always thought that green slips are there for injuries/deaths, I doubt motorbike capacity greatly influences things.

    I wish they made a 224cc motorbike…………..that would be in the same group as a 125cc.

    QBE: $141
    Allianz: $140

    QBE: $301
    Allianz: $300

    QBE: $301
    Allianz: $300

    QBE: $301
    Allianz: $300

    QBE: $301
    Allianz: $300

    QBE: $301
    Allianz: $300

    QBE: $458
    Allianz: $457

    QBE: $458
    Allianz: $457

    QBE: $929
    Allianz: $704

    QBE: $523
    Allianz: $690
  2. I haven't got the full detail, but in short the prices are based on capacity because that's how they broke down the accident/claim figures.

    basically more people on bigger bikes made claims than people on smaller bikes. Think middle aged/mid life crisis man and wife on cruiser, cruiser falls over, wife gets hurt, wife makes claim.

    As opposed to young bloke on 600cc bike falls off, doesn't claim on CTP because he doesn't want police involved.
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  3. See this is where I dont agree with you..............

    Ive always believed that more L's and P's on smaller capacity bikes are more liekly to be more intimate with the black stuff than more experinced riders who normally ride on higher capacity bikes..........

    I do know that safer older riders subsidise those in their L's..........but the price difference and how they divide it up into capacity just baffles me.
  4. Believe what you want, disagree all you want. Butm it's about claims. If there is no claim and/or no police report, who is going to know about it. Also, the average age of a rider is in the mid to late 30's, not 20's.
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  5. there are few bikes that fit into the cheap category, yamaha scorpio 225cc which just squeezes into the cheapest bracket 225cc or less,

    there are some dirt bikes from honda and yamaha that are also 225cc
  6. It does baffle me a little to.

    CTP covers the third party ONLY. ie - if you go out on your 1000cc sports bike and come off the road you are not covered at all by your CTP insurance.

    The increase in CTP price as capacity goes up suggests that the bigger bike you have, the more likely you are to injure someone else.

    Doesn't make sense to me.
  7. A young bloke on a 600cc bike can not claim against CTP if he falls off. Only against his fully comp insurance (if he has any)
  8. Why can't he claim against his CTP?
  9. CTP in NSW now covers the at fault rider/driver. I know this because my wife claimed against hers in December after her single vehicle accident on her M750.

    Also, in the past it was often the Pillion (3rd party) that claimed not the rider. Hence my comment about lots of older/returned/mid-life crisis riders and their wives.
  10. Ahh ok - didn't realise that. Although what I just read says that there is generally a much reduced cover for at fault drivers/riders unless you pay a premium on top of CTP.

    So catastprophically injured driver/riders are covered by the Lifetime Care and Support scheme (which is part of CTP), but if you fall off and break a leg you will have, generally, very limited cover.

    That's as I now understand it anyway.

    So, yes, there probably IS a correlation between bike capacity and outlay by the insurers, ie bigger bike = more likely to claim.

    Still think it's ludicrous that a 250cc bike is in the same class as a 675cc though....
  11. Hey, I'm not saying I agree with it, simply that's how it is. However it is better now than it was when they first changed it.
  12. I will be purchasing a green slip tomorrow does anyone have any recommendations or advice? The registered operator is 23.
  13. You should use the calculator.

    There is $5000 medical bills cover for he at fault now. http://www.maa.nsw.gov.au/default.aspx?MenuID=146

    This was done to move the costs from the health system to the insurance system. That is why all the 600 and 250s are together, they all crash roughly the same amount as it covers all the lams bikes. Remember all the dirt bikes are in that category too who crash a lot and injure themselves up to the $5000.

    All the lower capacity are actually subsidising the higher capacity 1200+ though. The big bikes keep injuring their pillions and insurance would be prohibitive if small bikes didnt subsidise them.

    Go to the mccnsw meetings if you want to know more.
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  14. Yep, that's exactly what it is. (Well, that and sheer greed on the part of the insurers.)

    All of those tossers who had a midlife crisis at 50, bought a Harley and a Village People outfit, put their dough-bodied, saggy-breasted wives on the back and then crashed while wobbling around a corner at 30km/h are the main reason why everyone who rides a bike that actually has power, handling and braking gets completely arse-r@ped by the filthy insurance companies.
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  15. Or just get someone in QLD you can send letters to and change it to QLD rego lol.
    When i get back to NSW im so leaving my bike registered in QLD...
  16. Don't get caught, because if you have an accident you may find that your CTP no longer covers you.
  17. Mmm... only if my licence is nsw too eh?
  18. Damn I feel like im getting the short end of the stick on these insurance scam jobs..................they increase CTP while telling people that they would get taxed if they dont have private health.

    Now ive got private health I never use and these con job CTP and other garbage that keeps going up and up for no reason........then you have all these B/S fees and charges and taxes within a tax........Seriously business and government is getting lazy, their inability to budget properly is always solved through slugging those who can least afford it.............

    With the CTP these scammers pretty much all have the same price......theres no competition between insurers since they as a group come up with these outrageous prices.

    Well hopefully some greedy insurance executive is happier now...............hes got another dime from another mug who had to pay all his bike insurance, his car insurance and his property insurance :-(.
  19. CTP insurance is based on 'fully funded ' model. Insurance companies charge premiums based on claims plus a margin for costs and profit.
  20. I wrote this in the other CTP thread, looks relevant to this one too: