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CT110 postie for Experienced rider?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kols_kebabs, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Having recently purchased a 2nd hand bike that has rapidly emptied my pockets, I have gotten sick of it already and am again looking for a new bike.

    I should give a little info at this point about my experience. I am on my P's and have been riding for about 12 months.

    I started off on my L's on a 90cc 2-stroke scooter. I rode it for 3 months, but soon grew sick of its lack of power and sold it.

    I then bought a CB250, which was okay for a while, but again I grew tired of its lack of power.

    This brings me to my current bike, which I purchased 2 weeks ago. It's and XBR500, big single, LAM's legal in NSW and pretty fast too.
    The reason I'm tired of it already is that it has cost me a bit more than I bargained for, and needs a little more still to be what I consider acceptable.

    I bought it off Ebay for $2500, and the last owner promised "nothing to spend". Anyway, getting to the point, after riding it for about half an hour, I found it was pathetically slow, problem with the carbs which were all stuck up causing lean running/backfire. Cost me $260 to get serviced. Also needed new front fork dust seals, cost $60.

    Anyway, the bikes pretty sorted now and runs beautifully. However the handling is a bit dicey, Very cheap and worn tires I think would fix this, needs a new battery too. This would only cost me a little more to fix, but its tried my patience, and I can't be F*ed to spend any more on it

    Its here on Ebay for the curious:http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4592090557&rd=1&sspagename=STRK:MESE:IT&rd=1

    So anyway I'm now looking for my new bike. I've got a real fetish for the small capacity Japanese bikes of the 60's-80's and always craved one. The CT110 postie bikes in particular really appealed. I almost bought one as my first bike instead of the scooter, but I was a bit concerned about handling the manual gearshifts :roll: lame in hindsight I know, considering I now have a 190kg bike.

    I was wondering what experienced riders thought of the CT110 as a daily ride? I realise it will be a little less powerfull than the 500.

    However I have frequently heard it said by experienced riders that posties are great fun to ride for their size. Are they more enjoyable than scooters, which I found dull as after a short time?

    The main thing that I found makes motorcycles more fun than scooter is the ability to manually control shift and clutch, giving a more 'involving' experience. Does a posties Semi-Auto feel as though it gives as much enjoyment? How does the semi Auto gearbox work anyway, I see they have two levers, one front and one behind the left footpeg?

    Also, How do they handle? One of the big enjoyment differences between bikes and scooters I found is that on a bike you can enter corners much quicker because of better grip. On the scooter I wiped out really badly twice in the wet, once leaving me unable to walk for 2 months due to knee cartilage bruising. I've owned motorcycles 3 times as long as I owned the scooter and haven't crashed once- go figure.

    So I was just wondering If Postie handling will be better than crappy scooter 10 inch rims handling? I've heard of posties almost getting their knee down! Of course I don't expect CBR250 handling, but I'd like it to be at least as good as the CB250 (which isn't asking heaps).

    Also, what's top speed on a Postie? I travel on 70kmh roads for short bursts daily, so it needs to be able to handle this.

    I need to stop buying bikes! I need to just find a learner bike that will entertain me for the remaining 6 months until I'm unrestricted. I plan to use it mostly for my commute to work and blasts in the hills on weekends, Do any of you guys think a Posties liveable?
  2. Blasts in the hills is a nice idea, but it'll largely be illusion on a postie. Slow meanders would be closer!
    6 months to go on your Ps, I'd be getting another 250 roadie, and pushing it off a cliff when the 6 months are up.....

    But you're right, you've got to stop buying bikes...
  3. I'd be suprised if you didn't lose money on this deal... Why not keep it? At least it's interesting. ;-)

    The short answer is no.

    It's a single lever that allows you to upshift with your heel. Almost certainly added simply because the lever can be, err, difficult to lift with your toes. :)

    Not heaps but still too much. ;-)

    It should handle this...just.

    I agree - just fix the XBR.
  4. yeah. keep the 500. there is no way youll be ahead by selling that bike and buying another one. even if it needs a new engine or something which i doubt! a postie will probably bore you shitless.
  5. If i lived right in the city and just wanted a bike to get from A to B (short trips) i'd buy a postie.
    I havn't ridden a two stroke 90cc scooter before but i'd say if you got bored of that in 3 months a postie wouldn't last any longer.
    You won't be doing any blasts in the hills on a postie.

    I'd keep the 500 if it doesn't need much more work (which would probably be the cheaper option) or buy another decent 250 or learner legal bike.

    If the 500 can really keep up with a cbr250 and you're bored of that already a postie will probably take 20min to get bored with.
  6. The XBR passed reserve last night, so I'll probally be rid of it by tommorow.

    It wouldn't start yesterday, I had to buy a new battery this morning, $53 I'll never get any use out of. Typical of its lack of maintenance, and the reason I want to get rid of it. The seller hardly fulfilled his "Nothing to Spend" promise.

    I'll heed the comments about posties. I guess I just need to get out there and actually ride some more bikes to see what I like. I'll try a postie and see if its interesting.

    One incident that made me very interested in posties and I was wondering if anyone could confirm, is their ease of wheelstanding.

    My P's rider training course was held at a Honda Dealership. While I was there a trailer of about a dozen posties, presumably an Aus Post service load, was unloaded.

    Two guys were unloading them. As they took each one off the back, they started it up and drove it into the garage... entirely on the back wheel! :D

    It seemed effortless. Is this something the average rider could do?

    Anyway, my main criteria for a new bike, is Cheapness and reliability. Performance is secondary. I was thinking mabye a GPX250, the only sports 250 you seem to be able to get under 10 years old/50,000kms/$4000.
  7. The 500 sure can keep up with the Cbr250. Mainly because my mates CBr250 is a typical 87' model with 60'000+km's. Went for a ride with him on the weekend, had a short blast on his bike- would barely rev about 6000rpm! It'd be easy to pass on a CB250 :D .

    This is why I've had so much trouble finding an interesting and fast 250. To think that a piece of junk like his bike is worth $3300.

    I just need something as close to $3000 as possible that isn't going to cost me thousands in rebuilds.
  8. Confirmed.
    Kick down the rear of the gearlever (from neutral) with your heel and HOLD IT THERE. It's now in 1. with the clutch "pulled in" (if it were a manual). Rev it, shift some weight back...then let the lever go, front is up instantly. After decades of not riding one of those Honda auto-clutch jobbies I just recently nailed our postie into the fence that way, uprooting mum's prized rose-bush in the process.
    $100 worth of new plant/ top-soil and dynamic lifter still won't guarantee an Xmas prezzie from her this year around :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Same on the downshifts...keep the gearlever-tip pushed down, gas it a bit between gears to match revs, gently let go of the shifter gently and the lower gear engages without compression lockup.