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ct110 postie bike club?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by andbat, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. just wondering if there is an established postie bike club near wollongong, or in australia in general. i've found this...


    but it seems to have been fairly inactive for a while. i also found a group on facebook called - Postie Bikes! - with 173 members, but ti also seems to be fairly inactive. so far the first purely honda ct forum i have found is on the net...


    just wondering if there is an actual australian group of honda ct110 postie bike owners/enthusiasts getting around anywhere?

    Thanks, Andy

  2. My second bike was a postie which I rode for two and a half years, and even back then the club seemed to be inactive. I knew of them through the two sources you're talking about. Maybe you need to get something happening....
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  4. Soon as I saw the post title I jumped in here to ^ :cry::rofl:
  5. It's a good club though, you get paid to turn up!
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  7. You could try the yahoo group, its pretty active for mechanical advice.

    I would probably be up for a "small bikes" adventure ride for a bit of fun as I don't have a postie now only a Sachs Madass.
  8. Darn you Paulstar3! I had to click on that link didn't I?

    I just spent the last 2 nights reading this, the last session lasting until 6am, but thanks for the link, amazing story, what a legend!
  9. We've just started one in W.A.
    Check out the site if you're interested.
    Postiebike Club of Western Australia www.pbcwa.com
  10. There's a relatively new site (I believe) and forums set up at www.postiebike.com.au

    The community is pretty small, but it's growing.

    I recently got myself an old postie bike to replace my ageing car with the intention of saving some some cash (only using it for shopping). I'm continuing to use my CB400 for commuting and everything else, though.
  11. I have a couple. They are great bikes. Almost impossible to kill. Believe me I try and have the scars to prove it lol.
    I would be up for a weekend adventure in SE QLD anytime.
  12. I've got to get a fuel leak fixed first. It's dribbling out of the carby at an unsafe rate. I tried clamping the hose but I think that's just caused the bike to flood.