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CT110 and Ls

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cypherdiaz, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Hi All

    I got my learners here in the ACT Oct 04 and finally got my arse into gear to get my Ps. So I bought a CT110 (postie) to do all the slow speed stuff on. Its really easy to ride at slow speed and does the job real well...I also got it as I am going overseas for some time and didnt want to out lay big dollars on a proper road bike, etc. There is some sense to this madness!! And I will retire the CT110 to Bathurst duty for riding around on the hill!!

    I have riden a fair bit on other things from time to time....but my problem now is that I live about 12 or so km from the place where the P plate tests are done. And I have to get the CT110 out there.

    Now I have 2 options, 1 tow it out on a ute or trailer or 2 ride it out. Now about 80% of the trip is 60 zone so that is ok and the 80s I can handle just, but there is about 2 or 3km of 100km/h zone.

    Anyone have any tips for riding a slow bike in somewhat faster traffic? It will be a saturday so traffic will be not too bad but I am a little worried about it...I kind of feel unsafe when things are moving around U so much faster.

    Anyone know how I can extra a little more speed out of the CT110?

    Many thanks for any info U can pass on...
  2. put on a bright yellow jacket anda white helmet and people will think your a postie, and down here we avoid postie bikes like the plague..... they dangerous MF's.

    seriously .. you will have your L plates up and people should give you a reasonable bit of respectful distance but if it worries you just get a mate to follow you in a car, at least they can sit back and keep any impatient wankers off your arse
  3. The friendly people at Stay Upright (the mob who to L and P courses/testing in ACT) will let you hire one of their bikes. They used to have TU 250's when I did mine but I think they might have replaced them. They also had trail bikes which are readly good to do the test on. Anyway I am sure that they would be good for P's test.
  4. Well thanks guys...there is that option of hiring the bike but my concern there is not having practiced on that particular bike...but I think once I get the basic down pat it should be good.