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CT110 advice?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Operator, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Hi, looking for a ct110 on behalf of an aquaintance. He's on a limited budget but wants a ct110 specifically, as he has heard a lot about cheap and simple Mai tenance, easy to ride what with a semi auto trans etc. Anyway I know the general things to look for on a bike but any advice specific to CT110's anyone can offer?...

    Also it has 37000km ex postal contractor Ride. He gave up the contract last year. So... How long is the average life span on one of these? Well kept.... 50000-60000 like most 250's? (I've seen 250 spadas make 100000kliks but I am more after the rule, not the exceptions)
  2. Forgot to say they are asking $950 as is, road worth condition, no roadworthy included. I think this seems a bit steep given its kilometres, co.pared to what others are asking. Was going to offer $850
  3. $950 is too dear. I would want 12 months rego a least with that.
    Aus post sells them @ 28 to 35,000 k's old to places like Fowlers...auction houses. They resell them for $1127.00 sans rego.
    No you cannot buy direct off Aus post.
    Not sure where your at ??? I know a certain sales manager at Honda who sells some to contractors like me for a better price....Cant name on here for obvious reasons.

    Ok Mine do on av. three hours work a day. And not treated well at all.
    1st of the month every month they all get new oil and a basic service....
    @ about sixty thousand K's it's starts to become a lottery as to when you will need a rebuild. And a complete rebuild or exchange motor by a professional will cost about a grand... back to square one.

    I sing their praise for being indestructible.
    And to a point and when being used in their intended environment they are. Take them out of that environment and they are NOT! Nor will they last forever out of that environment.
    An 80 zone is not their environment and they wont last long at all at in this speed zone... I have seized two now playing. Albeit both had over sixty thou on them.

    They can do a lot more than 60,000k's, and a lot less even with good maintenance.

    And for what it's worth....... Nothing beats a factory seal.. I believe that with all my heart. And I never seen a rebuild get half the life an original does
  4. Agree a little dear.

    Also dropped a valve pushing the top speed in an 80kmh zone. They are good for below 60kmh runaround.