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Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by bigpaul, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Went to Autobarn today in an attempt to buy a Wash n Wax for me bike. Wanted something with a bit of quality (Read a lot about CT-18 on here so thought it must be just as good?) but also something that would leave me bike shiny in between major wax jobs! Also thought that getting it in a large container I might be able to use it on the wife's car! Read the back when I got home and it says "do not allow to dry" and speaking with fellas at work, they say it is harsh and can dullen the look of your paint work. Has anyone used CT-20 and has any advice before I spoil the look of my pride and joy and get shouted at by the wife???



  2. You can use it but wash it off and buff it back before it leaves any residue.
    Its the residue that will kill the shine.

    There are much better bike wash/wax products that I'd be using first.
  3. I've used CT20 on all my bikes since time began, well... almost.. and it's had no ill effects or issues... But... I don't spray it on using their "weed n feed" type (hose-attached) bottle as I don't want it to settle into areas I can't hose out.

    My typical application is mix it with a bucket of water, wet-sponge/slop it on ...give it a rub on heavily soiled areas then soft-hose it off...again, avoiding any high pressure hosing as that too can cause issues you don't need...

    Dry off with a nice microfiber towel and it's so nice :p ....finish it off with a short ride(any excuse for a ride) to heat/dry off any hidden wet areas... and if I'm in the mood I use Maguires finishing spray to bring it back to a diamond shine.

    (2wheelsagain) - what do you use? I've had a good time with CT20 only that I've used it on the 4x4's as well and other "shampoo" types seem to be good for shine but rarely do anything good with grime or heavily soiled areas (like after a long trip), always keen to get more shine on the bikes :wink:
  4. Don't wax any bits you need to grip to stay on the bike under hard braking.
  5. Damn -does that mean I have to wait for the brazilian to grow back before I ride again? :shock: :shock: