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CSS under new ownership from 1st September 2016

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by chilliman64, Sep 6, 2016.

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    CSS operating under new ownership as of September 1st 2016!


    As of the 1st September 2016, California Superbike School in Australia will be operating under the new ownership of CSSAU Pty Ltd.

    The existing company Motorcycling Events Group Australia, and Managing Director Steve Brouggy will step down from the role to focus on his successful Phillip Island Ride Day company and mechanical services. We would like to thank Steve for his stellar contribution in establishing the Superbike School in Australasia, and look forward to him continuing to work in a coaching role at CSS days. For those of you that know Steve will know that he is never short of words, so rather than cut out a few quotes here and there, we thought we’d simply share his thoughts below…

    Who are CSSAU?

    CSSAU is owned and run by Ash Hare, Damian Mackie, and Stephanie Redman. The new company will take over responsibility for all California Superbike School events in the entire Asia Pacific Region, and is the start of a new era in the delivery of this famous brand!

    Stephanie Redman is the current Chief Ride Coach for the region, and is tasked with bringing the latest drills, techniques, and higher levels of understanding to our coaching crew. Stephanie will communicate direct with the Chief Ride Coach Worldwide Cobie Fair, and spend time each year in the USA working alongside Keith and Dylan Code - ensuring the very latest tech and drills are communicated direct to the students in this region.

    Ash Hare and Damian Mackie are current coaches with CSS, working with many hundreds of students over the past 7 years in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Taiwan, Phillipines, and China. They bring significant business experience to the new company with over 35 years of running their own independent multi national businesses in the Asia Pacific region. They have also been succesfully running the CSS events in New Zealand for the past 4 years, and are tasked with ensuring the CSS brand is developed and expanded in this region.

    Ash, Damian, and Stephanie recently spent time in the USA signing the regional agreement with Keith, Dylan, and Cobie, and have already commenced their new training and roles. All of the existing sponsors of CSS have been happy to transition across, and we thank them for their ongoing support as well.

    California Superbike School – creating skills and memories for a lifetime!
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  2. Damian was my coach for Level 1, what a great guy and excellent coach. I wish the new owners all the best!
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  3. Juat read that in my emails...
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  4. me too, couldn't see it on their website though
  5. Does tgis mean that the money wont go to help support Scientology anymore?
  6. Why is that your, or anyone else's, concern?
    Perhaps the new owners are Catholic, so they may donate to the church. Perhaps they are members of a political party. Pauline maybe a beneficiary!
    Perhaps they are Muslim and will get halal certification on all there hire bikes and tyres.
    Who gives a rats! The motorcycling world in Australia is better because of Steve and this business! Steve is brilliant actually.
  7. Mormon, not scientologist.
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