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NSW CSS September 2016 - who's in?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by chilliman64, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. hi all

    California Superbike School is back in Sydney at SMSP in September - anyone interested in going?

  2. Hi Chilliman, i will be attending the Tuesday 27th sep day in level 1.
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  3. Yes...
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  4. I reckon I can scam a weekday off. Got a stay upright rider training day on September 19. Might be good to follow it up with CSS L1...
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  5. Sounds like a plan. I'm really looking forward to doing the course, decided new exhaust money would be better spent learning to ride properly.
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  6. if i had of known that Chilliman was sponsoring i would have waited as well.
  7. thanks heaps chilliman64chilliman64 i will be locking down December 8th as Level 1.
  8. my friend you will not regret it

    my sponsorship budget has been redirected to bike gear but you can come and watch me do L3 free of charge if you want to

    I will encourage/distract/enable/coerce and try to lead you astray but as far as financial assistance goes dude I'm sorry but it's every man/woman for themselves lol

    as above, will not regret it
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  9. have just booked in for Level 3 at SMSP on Tuesday 27th September.

    I look forward to meeting up with you there TurbowoodTurbowood!

    we need to see if we can get 69SIM69SIM there now... :singing: oooohhhh Siiiiiimmooooonnnnnnnnn.... you too Andrew 'the transitioner' West (Andrew WestAndrew West )

    Steve VtecSteve Vtec - what about your poetic goodself Steve?
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  10. Was lucky enough to get my third request for Jury Duty in 3 months the other day and the trial would have been over this date. Luckily enough i had book this just before i received the letter and got out of it for a third time.

    i think they're out to get me.
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  11. Mate I'm doing some stay upright rider training in September, trying to organise follow up training, advanced I in October and advanced II in November. Next year is CSS for me... After the new pipes and all the rubbish I keep spending money on, I'll just do one training course at a time ;-)

    I'm really excited about it, can't wait. Might put some fancy tyres on the cb400 for CSS, like Georgie I'm a bit scared to take my favourite bike to the track... If the CB400 takes a slide I don't think it'd concern me too much but I will just cry if my firestorm cops any more damage haha
  12. I won't call it scared - just that i have 'commitment issues' on the MV.
  13. So in other words, you're scared to fling it down the track and into the gravel trap... At least that's what I'm worried about with the storm...
  14. A tip for Level 3, don't miss leg day at the gym.
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  15. yes mate, squatting and planking daily at the moment as I remember you mentioning that!
  16. won't happen if you stay on the track.

    is there a chink in the MV's armour? are you saying the MV is form over function GeorgeOGeorgeO, ? with your many endorsements I thought it was the ultimate machine and was starting to rethink my choice in Italian mistresses (well maybe not).... I'm shocked at your lack of faith in the Brute's ability!!! :eek:

    be confident young man and give her the thrashing you know she wants!
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  17. It's not the Brute's ability - it's mine really.

    I've reached the point where I cannot do what I want to do on track without raising the risk level. I really need a dedicated trackie.
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  18. Before you get a trackie, go do California Superbike School. Best training available anywhere. Then you will have the skills to treat that mistress the way she wants to be treated.
  19. I've done two advanced and 5 coach and setup days with Toprider. Don't need anymore coaching. Need to do without fear of writing off bike if I fall.