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CSS Scrutineering

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Archaeon, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Yup, and regularly too, Riding wouldn't be the same without them!

  2. Yeah, I like it, but it gets too expensive

  3. Yes, but only a handful of times, it's ok, but not something I am really into.

  4. Yes, but it'd be better if they were closer to where I live.

  5. Done it once, but will never do it again

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  6. I would, except its too far / costs too much / my bikes not up to scratch

  7. I am going to be doing one very soon

  8. No, I am a little uneasy about track days.. might write my bike off

  9. Nah, I don't like the feeling of being judged by other riders

  10. Nope, absolutely no interest

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  1. Superbike School.. 3 levels in 3 days at Sydney Motorsports Park

    I'm counting down the days till I hop onto Eastern Creek (now known as Sydney Motorsports Park) for the first time.. Anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time. Fortunately for me, I wont be throwing myself into the deep end by doing a normal track day straight away.. I'll be attending Superbike School (October 1st, 2nd and 3rd)

    ... OK so all three levels in a row might be belly flopping in shallow water.. but this is the only period I actually have spare time (and enough spare cash) so what the heck (gulp!).. If I'm going to do it, then bugger it, I'll be putting everything into it... Besides October seemed like the best probability of having the most comfortable weather conditions.

    My main concern is not so much as the endurance or information overload (I absorb info like a sponge, provided it makes logical sense). I'm sure I'll get tired, and this will be compounded as I progress through the levels; however I am pretty confident I can endure through three days.

    My main concern is tyre wear (weird huh). You see, I've never been on any track days, so I am completely clueless on how much 5x 20 min (learner paced) sessions will wear out my tyres. That's a paper total of 300 minutes (5 hours) over the course of three days The CSS page suggests the minimum tread should be 2mm, and checking my tread, it's around there.. So given that I will not be running in new tyres after the first day, I will need new tyres for CSS.

    My main goal and ultimate focus is solely acquiring the techniques CSS has to offer. I'm not there to prove anything to anyone, and I certainly couldn't care less if every single person on the day laps me. So I don't need fully slick or top of the line race tyres... that's just stupid (IMO)

    You probably wont believe this, but I have never had to replace my tyres on any of the bikes I've owned! They've always been sold or traded before I needed to replace them.

    I want to know what tyres to look for, and how much $$$ I should expect to wave ta-ta to. I know this may seem like a very generic question to ask (like what shoelaces I should get for joggers versus leather shoes) but its a legit question from someone who knows sweet FA about tyres, compounds, width, tread blah blah etc.

    I should know, but I don't... much like how my clutch works, I know what it does, how to use it, and why it needs to work, but anything beyond gives me a 404 error (page cannot be found). I suppose for me, its a detail I never really needed to know. Over the years I've learned to selectively learn stuff, because there is such a thing as too much information (ironically, case in point re this post!)

    If anyone knows wants to recommend good place to get new tyres and have them fitted around Hurstville and surrounding areas, please let me know! Otherwise, I'll just be going to SCM in Rockdale.

    So anyway, after a classic Archaeon ramble, the reason for my post is..

    What should I expect from scutineering? I know my tyres will need to be replaced and run in before I belly flop.. Chain slack perhaps? Brake pads? Fluid levels?

    I guess what I really want to know, is what I need to replace, check to make sure I will pass scrutineering for all three days, without having to worry about it after the first or second day.

    ... ooo.. my Molten RHOKs might be an issue.. will I have to take out the uv lights... cause that's gonna be a biarch...
  2. Don't concern yourself about what other riders are doing, you'll also be told that. Your mirrors will get covered as well as your speedo, mirrors so you concentrate on what's in front and speedo so you learn your speed not aim for a particular speed.
    You will get passed by level four riders, don't worry, the first few times you'll probably poo a little.
    Madaz do tyres at the track at very good rates, maybe wait till then? I went out on a brand new rear in the wet and had no issues.
    Safety check is basically tyres, brake feel, leaks and chain slack. Your rhoks won't matter.

    Most of all, relax and ride at your own pace. The instructors are brilliant and are there to guide you and push you as well.
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  3. What bike do you ride?

    What level of experience are you?
  4. L1 Gixxer
    Experience...? depends on how you define experience..

    - Track work.. zero, zip, nudda
    - Riding in general, since 2005
    - Mechanical exp ... For the sake of argument, novice
    - Licensed to operate a vehicle, since 1997

    .. wait hang on.. why does any of this matter? :-s
  5. .. Aw man.. what if I cause someone else to have an accident.. what if.. what if.. to go around me, they swerve, which causes the person behind them to swerve, then leads them to lose control... and then ... and then.. gulp! ...
  6. +1 to buying tyres at the track, it's very easy.

    I'll add my two bob in here saying that having track days in between each level is a good way to work on each skill and lock it in so it's an automatic behavior so you can free up your concentration to learn the new skills. Ie I wouldn't recommend doing three in a row. But since you've booked them, enjoy. Eat and drink properly, get plenty of sleep.

    If your bike is roadworthy it'll be fine in scrutineering. Make sure you hve decent chunk of brake pad left, chain is adjusted. Get tyres when they become too low, the track guys do a good job. They mainly sell Dunlop. If it were me and the tyres have never been changed I'd whack a fresh set on before you get there or as soon as you turn up so you know you have good rubber to begin with. It'll last the three days.
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  7. Few suggestions:
    Madaz at CSS events sell Dunlops and Pirelli. (not sure if at EC as well but should)
    If tyres are unfit for the job, you can prob buy Q2 and get a free ride day if they still running that offer. 3 months back they were.
    Chain slack, brake pads, rotots, broken bits, throttle return etc will be checked. So you can save some time and money if you can do it yourself before landing there.
    I dont think passing is really encouraged at CSS as focus is on drills, not lap times. But few will ... Part of the game I guess... People are there on their cruisers, tourers and what not.........
    Good luck...
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  8. general track etiquette in terms of accidents is that you pay for the damage to your own bike, regardless of who's fault it is.

    at least, from a racing / practice perspective. mostly damage is shrugged off with "that's racing". No-one sets out to crash and shit happens. it's the risk you take when you line up.

    I have heard that because CSS is one of those approved awesome training stuffs, that your normal insurance covers you while you're on track undertaking structured tuition. it might pay to check this though. Some bloke told me what heard it off some other geezer what works down the pub with our mate's sister...

    Jealous as hell you doing CSS though. It's on my list of things to do, hopefully before I learn too many bad habits. Shame they don't run it in SA but I have been told that CSS is pretty much the best training you can get in Australia.

    But like all training, take out of it what you can and try everything they teach you. If it works, keep doing it. Some of it just won't work for you and it's ok to forget the stuff that doesn't work.
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  9. I asked about your bike and experience because these will most directly effect tyre wear. Big difference between a 250 ridden by a junior joe and and a 1000 ridden by a skilled road rider.

    Had no problems in Level 1 on my gixxer with BT16s (between touring and race tyres) but they were squirmy on a track day.

    I'd avoid touring tyres and I'd get a fresh set before going out.

    I've only done Level 1 but enjoyed it, I hope you do too.
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  10. get a fresh set of tires, something at least in the top three tiers of the brand your buying. e.g, Full race, Kinda race, Road Race, you want at least road race. (e.g. for pirelli that would be, supercorsa sp, diablo rosso corsa and then diablo rosso, in the order) Dont buy touring tyres or some shit.

    But yeah, i reckon get the tires on your bike a week before so you can bed them in and get used to them, good idea to take them for a burn up the old road or down south so you can wear them from edge to edge, dont really want chicken strips at a track as it can unsettle the bike when you lean over from worn in rubber then onto the virgin rubber chicken strip.
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  11. Dude, don't stress. Everyone is told at the start of the day regarding passing and slower bikes. People who go to CSS are there to learn, not to look like fully sick muzzas on their R1's and Alpinestar gear.
    You will get passed and chances are you will also do some passing, stick to the rules and everyone will be fine, including you. The instructors know how to handle first time nerves, everyone has to start somewhere.

    I know imr will not cover you, I don't think swann do either all because it's track or race based tuition with no road rules. Crock of shit I reckon, it'll make you a better and in turn safer rider!
  12. I've heard from someone with QBE insurance, that they covered him for level 1 CSS, but not 2 & 3. Go figure eh!
    As for tyres definitely get some new ones before level 1. I once made the mistake of using my road bike at Phillip Island with tyres on it that had done 5000 or so mostly commuting k's. while they had stack of tread left, all of those k's without really using the last couple of cms on the edge of the front tyre changes the profile of the rubber. Then when you get to the track and push a little past the worn in rubber, the changed profile means the contact patch of the tyre is considerably reduced, which in my case resulted in a southern loop lowside at about 90ks, and a trashed gixxer thou. So even if your rubber would pass scrutineering for the first day I wouldnt recommend it.

    As for tyre choice, No need to go too outrageous. Being a gixxer, I'm sure you would put something sport/road oriented anyway, which will be fine for a new track rider. My first track bike had Dunlop qualifiers on it, which are a sport/road compromise. I was able to drag a knee for the first time on them. I know the Q2's are selling cheap at the moment, like $350 a set fitted down here in Melbs.
    After the 3 days on the track, you may have some wear on the edges of the tyres, but the centre should still have plenty of meat on it and give you pretty much as many road k's anyway.

    Then if you catch the bug like many, go get a cheap track bike and start exploring your limits a bit more. Decent beginners track bikes like a 10 year old R6 can be had for $3.5k give or take.

    Most of all enjoy, and lets us know how it all goes for you.
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  13. Thanks for all the replies guys! Good to read about what to expect and what they really look for at scrutineering.. Didn't know they had tyres available there. Would they be tyres that are somewhat run in already...? It'd make more sense to stock them as opposed to completely brand spanking new tyres - it'd be inviting accidents when they'll be used for the tracks.
  14. Tyres are new.
  15. .. what if a novice was on a say an RSV4,and a skilled rider on a cb250 .. heh heh ... :cheeky::LOL:
  16. Not stressin' .. just dun wanna get fairings... again ...
  17. meh, looks like i'll be gettin em beforehand then.
    Cheers... you track junkie you..
  18. Then the Aprilia rider gets to feel a bit sheepish as the 250 rounds him up :p
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  19. I really need to get to a bike school of some sort. Ive hit about the limit im comfortable on public roads - far from whats possible, and still mess up on my big bike sometimes.
    Just havent had the time to ride i used to anymore except commuting, and that makes me go soft lmao.

    But in saying that, with the amount of money i have spent on my bike i would probably hire or buy a tracky, way way cheaper than the potential write off cost if i went tits up.
    Help if i wasnt 7.5hrs away from the nearest bike school too...
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  20. At the start of CSS1 you do a couple of sighting laps with an instructor at a controlled pace.

    Even on regulalr track days, you can scrub brand new tyres in in one lap at the track. No-one uses mold release anymore so just warm them up before you go for it.
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