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CSR Ethanol Fuel

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Black Betty, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. With the souring price of petrol & the amount on kms I do in a week - I've been trying this in my car ........ but where as I used to fill up 2x week - am having to 3 or 4x.
    Seems - altho its cheaper - its not as good economy wise. It may be better for the enviornment - but doesn't appear to be for my pocket. Anyone else tried it?

    CSR Ethanol
    just some info on it :)
    Biofueld Fact Sheet

    ps - I won't use it in the bikes ........

  2. Fuel consumption will increase with ethanol addition, but it should only be by around 5% with E10 - using twice as much seems strange. Although ethanol does apparantly cause problems with engines that are cold or in cold conditions (since it doesn't vaporise as well) so maybe that's the cause. Of course hot weather just makes the ethanol evaporate off quicker reducing the octane rating. Personally I'm staying well away from ethanol blends for as long as I can, car or bike.
  3. exposure to ethanol fuels in WA is very limited (if at all?). Personally i will/would wait until its use is very widespread before making the switch. I'd also only use it if it was specifically OK'd by the car manufacturer.
  4. my magna will never touch iut while i own it. and that shite will never see its way into my Rx-7

    the scooters an 04 and my dealer specifically said NO ethanol fuels.

    ill track down a link from Ausrotary talkn about the use of this fuel in our cars. magority of people staying away from it that i know.
  5. I must say I use the CSR fuel every second fill up and I dont have a problem in my 1993 Toyota Corolla..the fuel economy is just as good and I've had no problems with it running, then again...its not a high performance vehicle..$1.26.00 sounds better than the $1.42 going around! :)
  6. $0.46 for LPG is even better :grin:
  7. After further decussions today was suggested that any European cars should be run on higher octane fuel than our unleaded (91) which is why I tried the CSR ethanol (95) - but ethanol is any quantity was not recommened. Guess I'm going to just have to grin & bear the price of Premium ...... :(
  8. It's only going to get worse in price .. if you use it regularly, then now's the time to be looking for something more fuel efficient or on gas :)
  9. A Trailer for the Bike maybe? :wink:
    The car is a 2Ltr - so pretty economical. Its sitting on 204,000km now. Would just like to think I'm running the right fuel to keep it going for quite a while longer........ I've seen a Subaru that got to the 400,000km mark!
  10. i currently run a diesel Triton, and go bush ( wangarratta) twice a week, there is a garage at numurkah that selld Biodiesrel for around $1.30 a litre, and the norm diesel around $1.46 a litre, i fill up with the biodiesel, and get the same economy from it as norm diesel, so i suppose there are ways to run certain vehicles on the cheaper stuff as well.

    also, here is a link to putting LP GAS on diesel engines, yep, you read it right

  11. How long until they up the excise on LPG and it jumps up to near enough to ULP prices that you wont be able to pick the difference :roll:

    How long until they introduce another excise on ethanol and bring it up to ULP prices :roll:

    If my car had a carby I'd think about it but my car runs fuel injection so there's no way I'd run an ethanol based fuel in it. A 4-20c saving wont be so attractive once you end up replacing your injectors every year or two. Another thing is what affect will the ethanol have on the rubber hoses and seals on old cars not designed for it. Some of the stuff above may just be a furphy but until it's been around a while I'll let other people work out if it's good or bad in the long run and apoligies to those on here testing it for me without realising it :wink:

    Also something to consider, an old trick to disable a car was to put sugar in the petrol tank and Ethanol is made by refining...............

    Sugar :shock:

    Yes I am kidding
  12. ethanol f#%@s carby's, you can only use ethanol in fuel injected vehicals.
  13. ethanol / methanol has been used quite extensivley in SU tupe carburettors in motorsport and for dragracing since the late 50's all through the 60's... the first two chapters of turbocharging and supercharging by alan allard is prety much dedicated to these guy's using 1" and 2" SU's and the bhp figures they were getting were astounding...

    but you are right some manufactures and materails are not compatable with aceton/ methanol or alchol blended fuels. I believe that they have skimped on the materials used for seals and used perisable rubber fuel lines so they can be designed to breakdown and be replaced. This happens in normal fuel anyway reguardless of aromatics... Most eurospec and Triumph can run 10% blends it even stated it in the owners manual.

    Check with your dealers if your uncertain and even then remeber its your choice to use blended fuels. They aren't avaliable here in tas yet but once they are I will experement and quite possibly have to remap the bike to run the fuel...
  14. check out the facts, or is this just another conspiracy??? (insert scary conspiracy music)


    info with a list of cars and bikes


    Basic pros and cons at a glance


    - Five cents a litre cheaper

    - May substantially reduce emissions

    - A renewable energy source


    - Manufacturers warn ethanol could harm some engines

    - They say Australia already has low quality fuel by developed world standards and this would worsen it

    - Increases fuel consumption by about 2.5 per cent
  15. I have used several tanks full of E10 in both the bike (carbies) and the car (injected), with no perceptible impact on either consumption or power...
  16. I've posted this link before, but it's worth another look.


    Remember that the organisation whose website you go to to see if it's "ok" for your engine, is run by a petroleum industry lobby group that is far from independent.
  17. You can certainly run ethanol blended fuel in a carburetted engine - problem is that the ethanol, or more specifically the water dissolved in it, can seriously corrode the metal used to manufacture the carbs. This isn't a problem with drag cars since they generally don't travel long distances and use "fresh" fuel. This is the biggest problem with the debate over ethanol blended fuel. It's simply not enough to say whether an engine will run on it or not, the real question is "for how long?".
  18. Interesting article there inci and it reinforces my previous comment very nicely

    There are too many unknowns in all this for me to risk a $30,000 car on it.

    Alcohol & methanol based fuels have been used in motorsport for many years and with the recent introduction of ethanol based fuels here in Australia I'm starting to hear of cases of the foam in fuel cells** being affected by the fuel in the cars all of a sudden and then stuffing up the injectors & fuel filters with them.

    ** The fuel tanks in most purpose built race cars have a rubber bladder inside & foam to protect the fuel inside in case of an accident.