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N/A | National Crutchlow threatens to quit over Espargaro deal

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by KANGA, May 31, 2013.

  1. http://www.bikesportnews.com/news-detail.cfm?newsid=9432

    Would hate to see Cal go, I definitely feel Cal deserves a factory ride if anyone's going up. Kind of feel like Yamaha would be hoping that Pol would be their Marquez by signing him straight to a factory bike.
    That being said wheres is Cal going to go? Only thoughts would be a possible Suzuki ride if they come good in 2014.

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  2. Agree Kanga, but a Suzuki ride would be a huge backward step.
    Pol's record isn't exactly outstanding in the lower classes and i don't believe lightening can strike twice and uncover another Marquez.

    I hope Cal knows what he's doing.
  3. pol is Spanish
    cal is English
    game over
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  4. Feels a bit like that ay :(
  5. Though isn't yamaha based at Monza in Italy?
  6. Could well be, but the Spanish tail is wagging the MotoGP dog.......
  7. I like Crutch, hope he stays put, he isn't that far off winning a GP, couple more horses and a bit of luck, but yeah the Spanish seem to rule the roost. Ol asparagus might be carrying a bucket of dosh as well.
  8. It's all about $$$$

    Espa would be bringn loads of coin behind him.....
  9. I dont rate Cal,when did he last win a race ?
    Any race.
  10. What's that got to do with whether I like him or not ? In MotoGp he's had 3 podiums, no wins yet. In Superbikes he had 7 podiums and 3 wins, in Supersprt he had 9 podiums and 4 wins.
    In answer to your qestion though his last win was probably in 2010 at Silverstone.
    I'm not saying the guy will ever be a world champ, i just like him as a gutsy rider and he's not Spanish or Italian, nice change.
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  11. whooar... Cal is HOT !!! ... what are the advertisers thinking :rolleyes: I want dibs on the nuddy calendar :p
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  12. He's a B grader,how many podiums would he have if Casey and Simmo were still racing ?
  13. He speaks very highly of you Blab.
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  14. Brotherhood of the B graders mate.
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  15. Who cares? He's hot.

  16. I'll race you for him!!
  17. It's ON !!

  18. I'll let Cal know and send pics.
  19. Pics of Cal ?

    just wanted to be specific LOL
  20. B grader's a bit harsh. You could put everyone in the B grade over the past few seasons, Rossi included, and with the exception of Stoner and Lorenzo.
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