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Crusty's Cam first aussie to perform double backflip on bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mouth, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Crusty Demons motocross rider Cam Sinclair becomes the first Australian to execute a death defying double backflip on a motorbike...

  2. Actually Mouth - not true.

    I did a double flip and single lazy-boy spin on the GSX1400..... I did crash though..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Actually, he only made 1 and 1/2 turns before he dropped off. If you count his starting postiion as vertical, which it was on the ramp, he only made 1 and 1/4. The bike was upside down when he let go.

    He certainly wouldn't have landed on the wheels even if he had a steep ramp below him. Just a bit of grand standing I think.
  4. video of you doing double backflip? :D
  5. Did I make any claim that I could do a double backflip, or even wanted to try?

    He did.

    I would have accepted it if he landed wheels down in the water. Maybe if he had held on to the bike he would have. We'll never know. :roll:
  6. +1, would imagine a big step for him from water to landing on a ramp. Did anyone else notice how much he struggled to get out of the water, looked very sore, maybe bike hit him hard?

    Good luck to him though, glad it is not the way I earn a living.........
  7. +1 crockashit.
  8. All i could get from the link was The Army having their War.
    Agree with Loz though. How did they recover the bike?
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    That was horrible. Good on him for giving it a go.. but 'aussie leaps into record books'? He hucked wildly off a ramp into water and didn't make it - not even close! If he had of tried that on dirt he would be in a wheelchair now. Better try that a few more times before attempting it on terra firma.

    Travis Pastrana - first to LAND the double backflip, and on dirt. TALENT

  10. Oh and MVrog.. that's just an advert at the start. Let it play through then it'll play the footage.
  11. Now THAT was a double back flip. I watch just the jump about 20 times. Gutsy. Landed beautifully.
  12. Crane, strap attached by divers. Not that I'd call it a bike after dumping it in sydney harbour. It's just a piece of metal and plastic preparing to rust now.

    Would have been an awsome vid if he'd been successful.
  13. Thanx Daleline. I didn't have a baseball cap on backwards, so I stuffed it up.

  14. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  15. There is also the video of Travis' attempts at landing, so considering the amount of time he practiced it of course we were going to see the 'clean' landing', practice makes perfect.
  16. Yes, he would have been waterlogged, with +20L in his duds. Would not be an easy lift, with no legs to push with ;)
  17. That Travis one was tops.
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    Link below of Travis Pastrana practicing till he gets it right.........


    Cheers, ratty

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    agreed, +2


    that guy is a hero... he landed it cuz he's italian... haha