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Crusty Demons Night of World Records - Calder Pk 29 Mar 08

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. http://crusty.com/nowr.htm

    10 world records will be attempted on the night

    1. Motorbike - Longest distance jump ramp to ramp
    2. Motorbike - Longest distance jump with a trick ramp to ramp
    3. Motorbike - Longest mini bike distance jump ramp to ramp
    4. Motorbike - Longest mini bike distance jump with a trick ramp to ramp
    5. Motorbike - Highest jump in Step Up
    6. Quad Motorcycle - Longest distance jump ramp to ramp
    7. Quad Motorcycle - Longest back flip ramp to ramp
    8. Road Bike - Longest distance jump
    9. Road Bike – Longest burn out
    10. Snow Mobile – Longest distance jump

    Plus the usual Crusty Demon stuff.

    Tickets have been on sale for a little over two weeks and I hear something like 20,000 sold already :shock:

    Especially considering it's $89 for grown ups & $79 for kids :shock:

    For those who've been to Calder before it will be on the infield beside the drag strip, I'll update this thread as more info comes to light.
  2. I have to admit I am one of those 20,000 people who have already bought tickets
    Already have my tickets in my hot little hand :twisted:
    My son is a huge fan of Crustys and I'm not far behind either so can't wait for this night :grin:
  3. The things that these blokes do on bikes....... Amazing
  4. BRING IT ON :eek:
  5. $170 for me to take my 6yr old son!

    They can get f#cked! :evil:

    I'II watch it on TV.
  6. Seeing Easter has just been and gone it's time to resurrect this thread :wink:

    I thought I'd pass on some info I think might be useful to those attending.

    Now I'm not involved with the event and wont be there so take this info under advisement :roll:

    It's being held at Calder Park which is out on the Calder Freeway around 20km from the city. Remember that the CityLink sections of the freeway are tolled for cars but not bikes :grin:

    Parking is in the Thunderdome infield as well as the old outside car park and then on the Taylors Lakes side of Calder Park Drive so could involve a bit of walking in and out. More than likely public entry will be via Calder Park Drive but I assume there will be signage & people directing traffic.

    To get out you probably wont be allowed to do a right hand turn onto the freeway to head back towards the city. You can never do it from Calder Park Drive anyway and VicRoads doesn't allow it from the normal main entry/exit as the crowds are leaving major events.

    If forced to head away from the city on the freeway you can usually do a legal U turn about 1km up the freeway towards Bendigo normally if not continue a but further along and take the Diggers Rest Exit and use the overpass to turn around.

    If you are forced to go away from the Freeway on Calder Park Drive turn left at the Melton Highway traffic lights and follow your nose til you get back to the freeway. Don't be tempted to take Robinsons or Kings Rd or Sunshine Ave back to the freeway as you cant turn right towards the city.

    Calder Park Drive goes all the way from the Freeway to Taylors Rd in Hillside/Caroline Springs so this is an option for Werribee & Geelong traffic to dodge the Ring Road (see Kings Rd thread in hazardous roads section for more details).

    Kings Rd St Albans is currently closed Southbound at the Taylors Rd roundabout for water main works but is supposed to reopen at 8pm on Saturday night (go that way at your own risk).

    Holden Rd,off the freeway just to the west of the complex, is 2km of fast gravel (in a car), use it at your own peril if on two wheels.

    If heading towards Ballarat, Melton or so on either go down Calder Park Drive and turn right at the Melton Highway lights or head towards Bendigo on the freeway to the 2nd Diggers Rest/Sunbury Exit and turn left. This becomes Plumpton Rd and then turn right into Melton Highway at a nice new roundabout.

    If you are unfamiliar with the west side of town I strongly suggest you study your Melway (book or on-line) and have a few options in case of a crash or problem you might need to avoid.

    I'm outta here shortly and probably wont log back in until Monday so have a good one out there folks.
  7. 2 more sleeps whoohooooo :dance: :woot: :dance: :woot:
  8. Nice.

    I am going, but not only do I get in for free I am being paid to be there :)
  9. Righto, I'll bite. What is wrong with Bob Jane? He has certainly put up more bux for motorsport, in general, than you have.
  10. You could say i'm a Moderator
  11. So big bloody deal. He can do what he wants, as can all the rest of us.
  12. oooh yeah crusty demons, ive got my tickets for the wagga show next week i can't wait.
  13. OK. Just spoke to my bro in law ( he is with seth robbie and trigger atm at the track ) It is raining and very windy there. I asked what the go was and if it will be run or not ...his words were "dont know but its not looking good at all" might be going to Miss DJ's birthday after all.
  14. Just what are your suspicions about me, factory?
    What has Bob Janes private life got to do with any of us?
  15. Horrible weather today. Good thing I was undercover ;)

    But it cleared well before the feature had cleared.
    The freestyle riders were canceled as the track was too slippery

    A new world record of 351ft was set tonight by Robbie Maddison

    The amount of ferrals that were punching on was hideous. The organisers were to blame for a record number of punch-ons, brawls and generally pissed spectators. The gates opened at 14.30 as did the bars. There was nothing on track till 17.30 by that time, most of the people were smashed.
  16. Sounds like more action off track than on. Did you get to bust a few heads?
  17. You mean the link to a website full of accusations, claims, and paragraphs of defamation without ANY proof?
    In the words of Tom Cruise from a few good men "it doesn't matter what you believe, it only matters what you can prove!"
    Going by the claims on that website it could very well be all his wife and nothing of Bob Jane's doing couldn't it?
    the thing is you don't KNOW, unless it was you who was hired to murder someone? Was it.....................?