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crusty deamons in ballarat

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spada stunter, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. i will be working for the crusty deamnos when they come ina few weeks

    here is the story
    my work use to transport there ramps and one of the event bosse remembered me as a fanitic fan so he came around and the rest is history

    will show use guy some pics when the efvent is ova ok

  2. What work will you be doing with them??
  3. setting up ramps, handing out tickets. making sure the bike are good.

    riding the bikes
  4. Well when / where ( ballarat is a big place ) and how much are the tickets, there would be more than one of us interested in going to see these guys.
  5. Give alittle more info!
  6. Shame most of the riders are infantile, walking c%#ks. They're attracting young wankers with attitudes to motocross. Something the sport really doesn't need.
  7. According to the local paper (link), date is Saturday April 8 at the city oval - tickets went on sale Monday March 6.
  8. Friend of mine is the cop who does the stunts with them in some of the videos/shows. One of them broke a mirror off the police bike in one stunt & Honda kindly donated another & had it all fixed up before he had to take it back to 'work'. Ahhh, what a job!