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Crusin 130 kmh legally :-)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by movin, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Honestly officer,I was doing 131 and not a k over :grin: on your way then son.
    Couple of pics from recent outback tour of N.T. Carri and I took and a legal speed limit we all occasionally wouldnt mind, with 7 km straights to give the straightliners a chance to stretch their legs :wink:


  2. Ooh..my vtr would be quite happy going along there. :grin:

    Love the blue sky too :)
  3. Was much better when you could cruise it at 200+ and not worry about a speed limit at all....
  4. yeah... maybe.

    but I reckon the twisty bits are far more fun, at any speed.
  5. That sux 130 :( ....I used to live in the NT when they had open speed limits

    There was no bigger rush than passing a cop car doing 220+ and they couldnt do anything about except watch you filling up at every servo :LOL:
  6. I'll happily take 130 over 100 anyday...makes a world of difference on a boring long hwy.
  7. Wayne Clark, ex racer of quite some ability, and current chief instructor for the stay upright courses said it all, when he asks...

    "why do we people ride motorbikes?"

    "to go round corners"

    IMHO straight lines (at any speed) quickly become boring.
    But each to their own I guess, whatever floats yer boat
  8. Yeah but Iffracem .. some of us can't avoid hwy's/straight rds. I don't see any fun at all in riding along them...but if they raised the limit to 130, it'd shorten my time on the damn thing. :) :) :)
  9. When you have 2000+ km of straight road to cover without any bends or excitement... thats what straight line speed exists for.

    Did Darwin to Melbourne in 33 hours completely legally in a 4 cylinder car and it was a good (if somewhat reckless due to lack of sleep) thing.

    God forbid that you have to do it at even 130....
  10. If bikes were to go on straights, the tyres would be flat not curved.
  11. After yet another troopy rollover that was more than likely overloaded, and where fatalities occured, the NT road toll is higher by a few people for the same time last year.

    Sounds like the 130 km/h limit hasn't done a thing for the outright road toll. Have no idea what the casualty rate is, though.

    As for doing the old "unlimited" speeds, I doubt that you could do it for very long on a bike, anyway. Aside from the vastly shortened fuel range, you'd soon suffer from the fatigue that would arise from fighting the wind.
  12. The main thing is the fuel range. There's a petrol station every 200 kilometers... So it's stop every stop or have a big tourer and maybe make every second if you slow down......

    Also, if you're running at 200+ an hour the heat will snot out your tyres in no time.... Feel like stopping every 1000km in the middle of nowhere to try and order a 190 section tyre from the non existant bike shop? Didnt think so......
  13. 17 people were in the troopy that ran up the arse of a road-train that had slowed down for a cattle grid. Apparently the troopy didn't see the road train slowing down because they were in the dust cloud behind the truck.. (Seriously, if you couldn't see due to the dust, any normal person would drop back a bit right?)
  14. Unfortunately I never made it to the N.T before they imposed a limit. But as slow_suzuki and mjt57 said, juice is a MAJOR problem when haulin ass over long distances, as is tyres. At 160-180 kmh, I can literally watch my Bandit 12's gauge go down.
    Basically all bike tyres in NT are square so a rider I was chatting to up there reckons. Got to admit, bar Litchfield national park, was bugger all in the way of twisties of any real sort.
    We spent a f n fortune :shock: on diesel on a 4.2 litre Patrol troupe carrier/camper we hired. Easy around 1k$ :? in diesel alone, from Darwin to Alice and the rock and back, with not too many other detours,roughly 3000km.
    It was a real novelty though to cruise past a cop at 130 let alone 230kmh. I can only imagine de good ol days of the cannonball and Hayabusa full throttle heaven :twisted:
    Sometimes, occasionally, only when the conditions are right, I personally like travelling those speeds. Call me a wuz, but my nerves can only hack the 200+plus brackets for a short while :? We just missed the Finke desert race too by a week :cry: ,our own ozzy mini Dakar. That would have been a buzz

  15. Yeah.. that's true...
    Done enough miles on those roads whilst playing soldiers. Sadly in series 2a L-rovers, MkIII and IV Inters, and MercedesUnimogs. Even tho it was unrestricted, the only one of them that could wind up to a decent speed (eventually) was the L-rover believe it or not.
    But the beast would cook if you tried for too long. The Inters were stinking hot, with the engine sitting in between the driver and co-pilot. The unimogs were comfortable, but would only do 90-100 kph flat out, and boring as batshit to drive, once you got them into 8th gear it was like steering an automatic.

    IF I lived up that way, I'd be severely tempted to get a caponard or similar bike with off-road ability, and leave the black top to the road trains.

  16. Nice pics, bummer about the speed limit. Drove Darwin to the Rock in mid 90's. NT's a crazy place :p

    Finke, whilst still a good race, is only a coupla days.

    Australian Safari is back again after an absence of a few years in WA this year and goes for nine days

  17. sorry after threee seconds at 130 i'd be bored to distraction... give me a state filled with curves and bends and tarmac with snow and sleet and no one around.... :wink:

    QLD'ers are going to invade tazzie... Wana come?
  18. he he he..I've had a S3 up to almost 120 once. It had a tailwind, and downhill, and the Fairey overdrive almost glowing red hot....those things were not built for outright speed! I remember a trip to Daylesford where I never got out of 3rd because of a headwind. Brilliant when it came to 4WDing though!


  19. Aint that the truth. I've seen a tank disappear in about 135kms on my baby 400 with some pretty decent throttle cable stretching :LOL: :LOL:
  20. yeah but i bet it was a great 135km....