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Cruisy ride to Walhalla this Saturday 24-4-2010

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deadman, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I am going for a Slow Cruisy ride to Walhalla this Saturday, Via Yarra Junction, Noojee, Icy creek road, Rawson, Walhalla and back,
    meeting at the York on Lilydale, Cnr York Road and Canturbury roads, Mt Evelyn, all welcome, To join Heather and myself, Approx 300 klms round trip,

    Learners and P platers are welcome,

    There are some good technical roads involved, All Tar,

    Take it slowly, You will manage just fine,

    Good day to gain experience with a fairly long ride at a slow cruisy pace,

    Meet 9-00 AM for a 9-30 AM departure, Sharp. Be fueled up and ready to leave,
    There is no fuel available at the York,

    Four bike lengths (Minimum) are required between you and the bike in front of you.

    Give the bike in front of you extra space on corners, 6 bike lengths, Minimum.

    As the bike in front of you can see further round the corner,This allows the bike in front to slow or stop, avoiding whatever is on the road, and you dont run up the back of them

    Ride in Diagonal file so you can see past the bike in front of you.

    The Bike in front of you has the right of way, Give them plenty of space if you want to pass. and do it safely for you and them,

    Do not pass on corners,

    Check your mirrors as you ride,

    If your a slow rider, Ride in the left wheel track of the road,

    I would like you all to get there and back safely with no offs,

    Ride at your own pace even if it is slower than every one else,

    If some one waves to you to slow down, Slow down or stop,

    Hopefully we will all have a great day of riding,

    Any one interested in mentoring, corner marking and Tec, are quite welcome to come along,

    Pass your riding skills on to the newbies,

    Noojee, Approx 11-30 AM Lunch.

    Walhalla Approx 2-30 PM

    Add your name to the list so that I have some idea of numbers.

  2. S'posed to be going to my sister's for a party on Saturday (she lives 5 mins. from the York on Lilydale). But as I have to work Sunday it may not pan out. So, I may trot up to the pub for a bite to eat and a coupla ales.

    What time do you expect to get to Walhalla?
  3. Marty, if you are definately going I will cruise along with you. Crowey has to work on Saturday, which means my kitchen chains have been unlocked for the day.

    Brian, are you going to have lunch at the Walhalla pub? If so I can book a table or at least let Bob the publican know that we want a table and not to give it to those tourists...LOL
  4. Have lunch at Noojee, Ree, so that if any learners dont feel up to the extra klms or have exceeded their ride capability or are just plain tired out, they can ride back from there,

    Being tired Happens, so put your hand up and say so, dont push your self, Thats an accident waiting to happen,
  5. The forecast says, "showers".

    But, bearing that in mind I shall go, subject to weather. Where do you want to meet?

    According to the GPS it's around an 1hr 15mins from T'gon to Noojee. So, I'd need to leave home around 10:15.
  6. Count me in Brian. See you at the York.
  7. I would like to go as well, will have to organise a leave pass, as I am going to out on Sunday as well, or other half might go instead of me. There is a great pub at Erica too. Walhalla is an interesting little town.
  8. Areas of rain, easing to some showers around midday, 21 Celcius, Will be a nice day for riding, Not too hot, Not too cold, Bring your wet weather gear just in case the showers actually hit us,

    Just ride slower for the conditions, These are excellent conditions for learning to ride in the rain,

    If you dont know how to ride in the rain, ASK, I am only too willing to give you pointers.

    Bring your cameras. expect to be stopped by the police, They are doing a bike blitz,

    Hope you can make it Uncosnail and your hubby too,

  9. Love those ride conditions. :)

    Learners, please read the cornering 101 sticky in the the newriders forum. You will have a golden opportunity to try it out on this ride.

    Have a great ride folks.

  10. What is your excuse for not coming out for a ride. Been ages since I saw you, even if you did see me last weekend.
  11. BTW
    It's corner York Road and Swansea Road according to Google Maps.
  12. :) I have guests from interstate crashing with me. Next time Ree. :)
  13. Yeah Canterbury Rd becomes Swansea Rd. Does that mean you're going to be there Luke?
  14. Thinking about it.

    I'm on call for work this weekend - and there's a big chance I'll end up working.
  15. Shall we meet at the YallNth Pub at 10.30am?
    If it is pissing down rain though I aint going anywhere. I don't like to get my hair wet
  16. You wont hear your phone ringing on yer bike !
  17. Canterbury road.
    Swansea road,
    Lilydale - Montrose road.
    Are all the same road,

    York road is the turn of to Mt Evelyn.
    Has a very big round about there,
  18. cancelling out, going shopping instead, have fun
  19. marty if you read this, I am staying home. The weather looks absolutely horrid and I don't like riding those roads in the wet.
  20. Just reading it now, Ree. Don't blame you. Instead, I'm being dragged to a couple of open days at houses for sale, then off to Melbourne to dote on the grandkids...