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Cruisin Panorama to Blackwood. Belair road, Adelaide

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by vtr_rida, May 5, 2007.

  1. #1 vtr_rida, May 5, 2007
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  2. Very nice! :wink:
  3. Nice Vid do you worry about leaning it over to far ????
  4. looks like belair road .. nice ride but you can tell on video just how shitty the road itself is in some parts .. go transportsa :)
  5. Our roads are fantastic !

    Looks good :)
  6. Wow, that was a time warp!! I grew up on those roads - 35 years later they haven't changed. I forgot about those silent coppers as median strips. At the time but I 'spose I was a passenger in a tin top so didn't really care ... we don't have them here in the ACT, just lots of round abouts!!

    Do the steam engines still run up the lines to Bridgewater?

  7. I'm glad you reckon so because that vid was bloody boring. [​IMG]


    No shit! :LOL:

    Welcome to NR anyways.

  8. #8 vtr_rida, May 6, 2007
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    Nightgash - Cheers mate

    Dirrin - Nah, i reckon it'd be alright if it touched down..

    Emsie - Yeh certain bits of the road you have to be a bit wary of..

    cs - Yeh thou rough in parts it's a fun road :) Thanks

    Prickles - Haha nostalgia, not sure bout the steam engines..

    MG - mg you mexican! Haha you'll never get those 5mins of your life back :twisted: :LOL: The quick mount is mainly for northerly group rides, i just got bored waiting and voila.. Thanks for your constructive criticism :LOL:

    This vid pretty much sums up what the next vid of me will be like :LOL: [media=youtube]aAN9g7LI2Us[/media]
  9. MG, you ol' timer you... thanks for such a warm welcome. Cheers!
  10. Yeah the vid was a bit boring I would have to agree but the camera mount and quality of the video was very good. But I am used to seeing Ghostrider ride from his onboard cam! LOL :eek:
  11. You should see the full quality vid.. License plates are easily visible, mite prove useful in a 'my word against theirs' dispute down the track.. Oh and let me just add this obviously isn't a 'fast as possible' run through there. The cams only been on a couple of weeks and the footage is from the tail end of a trip up from Victor.. The bit at the start was actually filmed later on
  12. Boring?
    You guys that say its boring? what do you want him to do?
    do some stupid ass trick?

    Hey MG and nightgash, i have an idea, your posts are boring! Why dont you go make a video of you riding your bikes and crashing into eachother for us so we have some exciting entertainment to look at and talk about. Sound good?

    The guy is showing his practicality of the mount he just made for the camera on the bike, and showing off the Roads we have here in SA.
    vtr_rida mate, they are just jelous. Just forget them. That was an awesome video. I was going to say hows about next time we go up and down Eagle on the hill. NOW THERE"S a road worth shoing off too.
  13. Yep, liked watching Dale’s (Dalemation) vids so I figured I’d give it a go. I’m doin it so I have plenty of vids to remember certain rides etc, not really to show off because I’m not at that level just yet.. I put my vids up for people to see because I know I enjoyed watching Dale’s rides and wanted more of these vids filmed in Adel to be available. After these first two they’re all pretty much gonna be group rides, the more bikes with cams the better I reckon. It makes the vid more enjoyable if you know the rider/area/bike, that’s why I mentioned the location. If you think it’s boring that’s totally fine with me and it’s a fair comment, just know where I’m coming from is all.. Oh and Paul, you know the latest on Craig? I really need to get to some of these wed nites..
  14. :LOL: Arrr its all good matey. We've all seen worse.

    Spot on.

    When you know the rider &/or the roads featured, it makes it a whole
    lot more interesting.
  15. Realy MG???

    *puts some tomato sauce on MG's words with a light salad around the side*

    there ya go MG...dig in!
  16. LOL I already said I thought the quality and camera mounting looked great 92_Ducati_900_SS. I said I was used to watching Ghostrider hence my comments.....
  17. Sweet vtr_rida (I forget ur real name :( )
    Ignore those who say it's boring, let them buy Ghostrider dvd's ;)
    I think we need to go for a ride and pool footage some time. :cool:
  18. yeh for sure :grin:
  19. You don't realise how much work your front forks/suspension does until you see it working overtime on something like that!
  20. Nice footage, vtr_rida.
    Watching doesn't do doing it any justice though!