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Cruisers with high kms

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by mullos, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Gday. I found an ad for a 98 Honda Shadow that has 130,000kms on the clock. Im fairly new to bikes and have never heard of them having chalked up that much. Its supposed to have 11 months rego and is advertised for 5.2K which is about half the price of a new one. Good value anyone?

  2. I would be thinking that is kinda expensive. Sure its a mid sized cruiser but that is alot of kms.

    I just picked up a 2007 Boulevard c50 for about 2k more than that with only 5000km (yes 5,000) on the clock. You make the call but I would say it was a bit exy.
  3. jes that's a great deal you got.

    Do you know if it is that unusual to see a bike with that many kms on it?
  4. According to redbook.com.au, you can expect a 96 VT1100 Shadow to go for about $5000-$6000 second hand: http://www.redbookasiapacific.com/cs/bikes/specs.php?R=115581

    That's the closest I could find. I made a bit of an assumption about the capacity as you didn't say, but the shadow comes in 250, 750 and 1100 as far I'm aware.
    Is it worth it? Depends on the bike in question.
    I personally would want something newer with water cooling and fuel injection but it's your money.
  5. Depends on the servicing history and 'how' the kms were ridden, if that makes sense. Look at it this way - it's 13000 kms a year - hardly heaps of use. It's not that unusual at that age IMO. Having said that, there's plenty of newer and lower kay bikes out there.
  6. thanks for the help guys and the Shadow i was looking at was a 750.

    The Red Book is interesting and sounds right for the prices but if you look at Bike Sales, Bike Point or Trading Post the prices are much higher. Its quite amazing how bikes hold their value compared to cars.

    Anyway i ended up speaking to my mechanic and he stated clearly that 130kms is too much especially for that price.
  7. Redbook may do some reporting, but the only price worthwhile is what someone is willing to pay.

    When Redbook buy bikes, their valuations are worthwhile. Until then, take it with a grain of salt.

    I work in the car industry, and we get a stream of people who wont accept market value (what the market is willing to pay) because 'Redbook says it is worth double". So sell it to Redbook - what was that, they dont buy. Hmmm.

    Their valuations are based on reported statistics. This includes deals where the trade in is inflated as part of the change over price, to cover an existing loan perhaps. If the statistics are not reported truthfully, then they are always wrong.

    I wouldnt even bother using them as a guide.
    Monitor the adverts, see which ones appear again and again, and they will be the overpriced ones. That is your starting point - only go down, not up from there.
  8. half the price of a new one, but it's also 10 years older...

    I just bought myself a demo one for just over 10k, never looked back... 1200kms on it