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Cruisers with fuel gauge indicators???

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by mon_4u2c, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. hey all just a few questions:

    does someone know which cruiser bikes actually have fuel gauge indicators on them? i know a few of them don't

    does anyone know why they don't?

    Is this one of the differences between a sports bike and a cruiser?

    thanks i am looking for a cruiser that has one!
  2. What is this 'fuel gauge' that you speak of? :?
  3. if you want a cruiser with a fuel gauge then don't buy a VTX, only buy one of them if you want to look ultra-cool, did I happen mention that I own one???

    I'm not sure what you mean by: "Is this one of the differences between a sports bike and a cruiser?"

    if you're a little unsure about the differences between a sportie and a cruiser (and there are MANY) then I suggest you spend an afternoon at the local bike shop where all your questions will be answered
  4. (Some) Harleys have one, but I wouldn't base your decision on this one feature. A bike's petrol gauge is hardly reliable at the best of times.

    Cruisers will give pretty consistent mileage and you will soon find out how many kms you get before having to switch over to reserve (or before warning light comes on) and fill up.

    Test ride a few and see how they feel and then check out some reviews and see what type of range they get.

    All the best in your search.
  5. cheers...

    cheers and thanks i guess i'll have to test ride a few or even ask the dealers in regards to how to determin how much fuel i have when i ride - cheers
  6. Use the odometer :) Most bikes don't have a fuel guage, and they are notoriously unreliable due to fuel sloshing around alot when you're leaning. i know i can get 200kms before i hit reserve, so i fill up around that mark.
  7. 07 C50 Boulevard has a fuel guage.. My 06 model has only a light.
  8. This should help.

    I have a fuel gauge on my GSX70F, and had one of my CBX550F.

    Now, these are carbie jobs, the injected ones read better, but really theres only 3 readings you can hope to get out of a fuel gauge on a bike, after all, your bike is rarely upright at 180 degrees, and not in forward motion.

    Anyway, 3 Readings you will get are
    1) Full
    2) Some what full
    3) Sweet Fook All

    Really, its about how good they are, u they arn't very precise, just a rough guide on if you need to fill up b4 you leave home, as you should know how far you'll get to a tank when cruising.
  9. Man if a fuel gauge is determining which bike you are going to buy, I'm a bit worried about you.

    that should be number 99 on your list of priorities when buying a bike.

    Then again people with that mind set explains how they sell Kawasakis.
  10. it was just a general questions mate and its not one of the things i am looking at before i buy my brand new bike
  11. mates suzie 1200 bandit has a fuel gauge, if that is the type of bike you're looking at
  12. Hehe, sometimes the small things count. I want a good looking dash as I'll be looking at it an aweful lot!

    Don't worry about asking the dealers how much you'll get. Just fill up, reset trip metre, wait until you have to switch the fuel to reserve, and fill up 20kms less than the trip metre.
  13. cheers thanks
  14. From my research on Cruisers, the ones that have a fuel gauge
    are the bikes that are late model fuel injected ones. They also do not have a reserve, they have a warning light only that comes on when you get down to a certain amout of fuel left in the tank.

    The ones without gauges are the Carburetor type fuel systems, they
    have a reserve tap, like we know of bikes with the reserve.

    Hope this is of help.

    biker one
  15. Just make a dipstick if your that pedantic about the nonissue of fuel guaging.

  16. Just shit stirring.

    but really, as phizog noted, you don't need them on bikes, as you have a reserve tap and know roughly how far you can go anyway.

    Most fuel gauges on bikes are unreliable anyway, as what's level? It's hard to design an instrument that is accurate but is dumb enough to allow for the changes of level seen inside a bikes fuel tank.

    Warning lights are even worse.
  17. Fuel injected bikes don't have a reserve tap!.

    But they do have a warning light that comes on sometime before you run out.
    On the suzuki's, the light flashes when you have about 60kms left, and changes to solid on when you have about 30kms left.

    The ODO or tripmeter is still the most reliable fuel gauge!
  18. use your trip meter as a pseudo-fuel gauge. after the first few thousand k's the fuel consumption settles down and you get to know the sort of mileage to expect from a tank.

    I know with my VTX I get around 230kms to a tank but the variables of speed and highway vs city can make a difference of around 5-10% either way
  19. hyo gv 650s also have a fuel gauge
  20. i am looking at a Triumph America bike....