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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by thestockie1, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Ok the other day I was getting my bike serviced at the local honda dealer and required a loaner bike. Now I just assumed that they would give me a 250 of some discription but no, I got stuck with a 750 cruiser. Now I thought this was alittle strange but ok its only for a few hours. Anyway I go to hop on the bike and the first thing you notice is how low it is, which is weird. So I set off and after finding the footpegs (forward is just wrong) I was underway. First corner that I arrived at I took at a normal pace probaly alittle slower than normal (not used to the bike) and before I know it boots, pegs it's all on the deck. :shock: What the hell how can you live with this!! Now my bike is not the gixcbrrrr111 type (firestorm) but that ground clearence is just rediculous not to mention how slow it is I reckon my old 250 would be quicker. Now my question is why would anyone buy such a incapable machine? Bad brakes, no power, and you can't turn the thing. :mad: Oh and they clearly had a much larger ass in mind when they desgined the seat. Very happy to pick up my storm at the end of the day I was just embaressed to ride the thing.

  2. You're 19, so I'll make allowances.

    Next time you're out in the street, have a look around.

    What do you see?

    People are different.......
  3. 1) Maaaate - Harley have turned it into an artform.

    2) It's all the old blokes coming back for their second or third go.

    3) I believe that it's easier to wet yourself with your legs splayed out forward like that = bigger thrill.

    4) If you only ride from one coffee shop/pub to the next it's all you need

    Now that I have helped you out like that please DO NOT tell me you ride a Pagsta or some other piece of chinese puzzle.

    Cheers ;-)

    Trevor G
  4. Main reasons in my experience...

    1. Because they look good.
    2. Because they sound good.
    3. Because the motor feels good.

    Handling and braking aren't what cruisers are about... they are about being able to 'cruise' around at near legal speeds and still have fun and feel good.

    If you're grounding the pegs on a cruiser slow down... it *will* feel better.
  5. Enjoy the twin. Play with it, listen to it, have fun with it.
  6. Got a 1000cc twin thats much more fun to listen to and play with. Twin yoshis yelling at 9,500rpm thats metal this was more soft rock. I guess different strokes for different folks but I don't get it. :roll:
  7. My friend bought a brand new Suzuki C50. He sold it and traded it in with a few thousand kms on it for a new Suzuki GSR600. He doesn't regret getting rid of the cruiser.
  8. Why not go and ask some Cruiser riders "why would anyone buy such a incapable machine? Bad brakes, no power, and you can't turn the thing" - am sure they'd appreciate the chat with ya :p
  9. Mate, this topic's been done to absolute death around here! Check out the search function next time. You'll notice a pattern when you do:

    OP: Cruisers are crap, their riders are posers, why would you want one!

    Replies: Bollocks, and with that tone you'd never understand! [A reply which is spot on]

    OP: (Cries) Oh, but I asked with earnest neutrality, simply for information and understanding!
    [Yeah right! Anybody who can read English can see the tone in the opening thread]

    Plus one to Paul. Maybe when you've moved on from your teenage years you'll start to see more broadly! :)
  10. Yeah, they're not my bag either.

    I rode a mates Honda 750 shadow once, just for the novelty. After about 30kms of riding, I was pleading for us to swap back. It just felt all wrong.

    I got back on my little ninja (ZXR-250) and felt at home again. He got a real buzz out of riding the little sports bike too.

    Still, as Hornet stated above, everybody's different.
    Different strokes for different folks and all that.

  11. In mid March 2007 I bought a new C50.

    In late March 2007 i thought, "this ain't me"

    In August 2007 I put it into the side of a car (not my choice but it happened)

    In Sept 2007 I turned insurance dollars into a Suzy Bandit 1200.

    In Oct 2008 I'm thinking of trading upto the 2008 1250 Bandit.

    The cruiser didn't suit me as I thought it would. I have a mate who lurves his Yamaha XV1100 as do guys and girls who have their cruisers. There's a reason there are different styles of bikes. If I was less 'ahem' exuberant, maybe the cruiser would have been my go but as said, no handling, brakes or power.

    Now I want more brakes, more handling and more power. Yeah, I know, get a Gixxer but I'm over 40 with a crook back.

    They're still nice though aren't they? Can you tour on a Gixxer?

    Bloody freedom of choice......
  12. OP: what is the sound of one hand clapping?
  13. Its called cruiser because its designed to just that, cruise.

    In other words, it was never designed to go fast or be a track weapon. They're designed to be comfortable and for people that enjoy taking it easy on long distance rides.

    Everyone is different.
  14. so that would make you the young bull who races across the paddock and only has energy lef tto service one cow and I'd be the old bull who cruises over and can service them all :p
  15. Because i'd feel like a poof with my arse in the air and laying on my stomach :shock: :p

    I just enjoy the seating and the sound. Those two negates the lack of power. After all, I dont like high RPM and you can only go so fast when sitting completely upright... and it aint that fast! :!:

    Im just more comfortable all round on a cruiser. Each to their own.

    Though all my mates tell me I ride an old mans bike. Stuff 'em, I ride for me and not anyone else. I am updating to a heavier bike though, the new 1800cc one in the suzuki range. A LITTLE more power wouldnt hurt....
  16. OP: If it has to be explained to you, you will never understand it. I personally prefer sport bikes, but growing up around HD's, I can certainly see the appeal, and can even imagine getting one when Im older.
  17. Well, at least you rode one before you bagged them. I get sick of hearing all of the "know it alls" bag cruisers and they have never even thrown a leg over one. I personally would own a Harley if I won Tatts, It would be in my stable of bikes, because I would only use it for what its designed for-cruising. Harley riders may look at peole all crunched up on sportsbikes and wonder how they do that to their body. All bikes have their own nice qualities.

  18. Of course, having only ridden for 35 years, my opinion may count for little.

    But broken wrists, and arms, bung knees, and old age mean a duke is not possible for me anymore (superduke maybe).

    My 1800 cruiser is fine for me.
    I dont ask you to ride it, but your comments are infantile, and therefore seem to suit you well.

    Ride your own, comment on your own. F off.
  19. there is no need to bag cruisers..

    they are cool :p

    i personally have a cruiser, sports bike and scooter. when i wake up in the morning i decide what would be most convenient for the day. sometimes its just nice to cruise along. sometimes its nice to take out the sports bike and go for a fang.. each to their own hey.

    thing i like about cruising if you can ride effortlessly for a long duration and not get a sore back or anything. also is easier to carry passengers.

    gotta admit it, i love hearing a nice Harley Davidson chop past :cool:
  20. wise man once say
    15 to 20 years old you think you know everything
    20 to 25 years old you know you know everything
    25 to 30 you pretend to know everything because you are having doubts
    30 + you realise that you just wasted 30 years aurguing about stuff you knew nothing about :grin: