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Cruisers wear open or closed face helmets?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by moog, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Open Face

  2. Full Face

  3. Skull Cap

  4. Both (depending on conditions)

  1. Just wondering how many cruiser riders wear open face helmets.

    I understand that part of the 'look' of cruisers is an open face helmet and wondering if that impacts your choice on helmet?
  2. It is an oxymoron to be concerned with image, when you are likely to be

    1. 25kg overweight
    2. over 40 yrs of age

    In my own case, my image is improved the more I cover up!
  3. Moog...You've already started a thread with "Is an open faced helmet a stupid idea?"
    Terms and Conditions of Forums
    You should be posting this question there too..
  4. No this is specific to cruisers and their associated image.

    The open face helmet thread has been put to bed I think.
  5. Posted in your other thread, but will post it here again :LOL:

    I wear a full face. Tried the open face about 7 years ago for a weekend and wouldn't do it again. I did think about buying one as a spare for pillions but I'd much rather offer my pillion the same level of protection as I have. All three helmets I own are full face.

    Actually come to think of it, I used to wear an open face as a pillion with some big ass goggles back in the 70's whenever I hopped on the back of the bike with my Dad before he bought me a full face when I was about 10...god I forgot how much I hated those goggles :LOL:
  6. One of the main things that will literally "impact" your choice of helmet is a tar roadway. :(

    If I ever have the misfortune of hitting the tar, then I want as much protection between my face and the bitumen as I can get. I can lift the visor if I want that "wind in the face" feeling, but the chin guard will hopefully keep me from ever having that "tar on the face" feeling.

    I probably see more cruiser riders with open face helmets (as compared with full face). It probably is an "image thing", but I also accept that many people find the open face more comfortable. I almost never see sports bike riders (or sports-tourers for that matter) with open face. Why is it so? I can only assume that there is "image" associated with all types of bikes: includes clothing (protective and non-protective) as well as helmets.

    I feel safer in a full-face on my cruiser. The image-issue is not important to me, but I accept that it is for others. Horses for courses! :)
  7. I would think that its more the colourful designs of full face helmets that might not go with the whole look.
    If you got a matt/rubberised black helmet with tinted visor that would look fine image-wise.
  8. I have 3 Full Face helmets (2 of them are flip-tops), 1 open face and 1 shorty.

    Hmmm,, one of the full-faces and the open-face are both more than 10 years old. :(

    I really must throw stuff away if I'm not going to use it again.

    NAAAAAH, One day I'll really NEED those 2 spares. :grin:
  9. I have an open face myself

    I find with a full face on the harley I have much more limited vision due to the way I am sat upright.

    When I had the GSXF because of the slight lean angle there was better view with a full face.

    Sports bikes I think also fall differently to a cruiser due to the weight distribution and forward lean angle ect with going over the front more likely than a cruiser which is more prone to a sideways off.

    Image to me aint important when you see my short rounded shape you will understand why lol

    There are pros and cons with both styles some I can think of now are ..
    Full face. Protection from elements. ability to allow just a little air in.If an off its possible to catch the chin guard and cause serious/fatal damage to neck ect

    Open face. open to elements,more wind in the face,if an off its possible to scrape face ect on the hard top.

    There is no right and wrong here just personal choice such as riding with leathers / textiles or not

    There are many more but you get the idea
  10. I'm not a cruiser rider but nor am I a sports rider - more of a 60's Brit rocker sort of aesthetic, which has some resonances with the cruiser (black and chrome, low-revving, Brando). I started with an open face, but quickly bought a full-face when I became struck by the dangers, and have gone full ever since. I will, however, be getting an open face for summer, for certain rides. Basically, rides on bigger faster roads etc: I wear all the gear, back-protector, full-face, etc. Cruising down the beach road or to a cafe in the sun: leather jacket, ordinary jeans and an open face. Motorcycling's dangerous no matter what. "Yeh, but you've got to at least wear the best protection to counter that!" Fine, go buy an air-bag jacket and air-bag gloves, and total top-protection racing gear...or shut up! :)
  11. I wear an open face generally unless i am going to hit the freeway when the full face comes out. My riding style lends well to an open face (dont go quick on my own bike, only me work bike) and the full face just doesn't look the part :p

  12. I must admit that I have in my decade of riding, never met a person who has come off a cruiser. :shock:
    Plenty of race bike riders though!
  13. pro pilot, i think that might have something to do with ground clearance just to name 1 of the many differences...

    i've noticed now that i'm getting much more comfortable with my bike and the way it handles, the pegs are starting to get a bit of a work out... yet i still feel relatively upright. lol

    having said all this...

    i have both helmets...
    i prefer the open face... (had it approx 2 months now)... there's a larger field of vision, i can see my speedo without moving my head, breathing is less congested in the mornings, there's no visor to fog up, it's lighter, i like the look better... just to name a couple of things... :)

    but i also have a matt black styled full face, and depending on how i feel on the day i wear that pretty often too.
  14. Full face!

    I used an open helmet years and years ago, but I have more sense of consequence nowadays! :grin:
  15. I am only new to riding a cruiser but I wear a full face, the level of protection is my motivating factor.

    96/97 Suzuki VZ 800
  16. Yep full face for me. Black helmet with the black tint still keeps the image, sort of lol. Nah I just like the protection from the wind/bugs/stones/rain etc. I live and ride in the country so it's important lol.
  17. I bought an xvs650 that came with a Nolan open face with the clear screen and tinted visor ( I look like robocop) but it does the job, I have a full face from riding sports bike (too quick for my liking) found the full face had blind spots, have only been riding since Oct07 and am on my 3rd bike a nice easy going cruiser. now if only they could stop like sports bikes!! No fashion accessories, just protection and being realisitic to what works best to have a safe ride..
  18. been riding the last few weeks with a full face helmet - but sans visor, and just sunnies.

    Kinda get the whole open face feeling, but with some added protection.

    Now have a new Nolan N84 helmet, and appreciate the tinted half visor, and better ventilation.

    Face is ugly enough, with a missing jaw, would be kinda scary, so full face for me.
  19. Go for the best of both worlds - get a flip face. I wear sunnies and leave my lid open 80% of the time around town, I only close it if it's dusty, or I'm doing more than 80kmh. Open face riding is fantastic, it feels great, you can see more on headchecks and you can actually talk to people at the lights.

    But then, who cares what other people say? Wear what you want.
  20. i wear an open-face, even on the honda