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Cruisers on dirt

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Stu Swanson, May 22, 2009.

  1. G’day All

    Just got the L’s and considering a Yamaha XVS650. Turning 40 next year and planning a road trip up the centre to Darwin and back to Tassie, ~12000 kms all up. Sticking to the bitumen as much as possible but do plan on a few kms on dirt. Anyone had any experience with riding cruisers on dirt? Anyone made a plate (something) to fit underneath to prevent stone chips?
  2. Riding short distances on dirt is fine, the extended rake gives you stability to help keep you upright, but you still have to be very careful approaching corners, you really don't want to try and lean too much and low side.
    Riding long distances is going to get you very tired, very quickly.
  3. I am doing a trip along the himalayas in July, and have been riding on dirt every chance I get. Wont be the same, as I am riding an Enfield in India, and my everyday rider is a 1800 Suzuki, but experience is experience right?

    Havent found any issues except that the weight distribution makes ploughing in sand VERY likely. Just dont back off the throttle in sand, use the back brake, and leave the front alone.

    Cruisers dont handle rough dirt very well, but they will make it through, if you have some patience.
    Remember you cant stand on the pegs and let it flow like on a dirt bike.
  4. http://threepercenters.it/stories/storyReader$1475

    In Italian, but good pics...
  5. I'd be taking rope. Fairly sure if you bog a cruiser your well stuffed.
  6. I suggest you avoid any bike with skinny front tyres. I would imagine they'll just dig a hole in loose dirt / sand.

    I don't really have any dirt time on my M50, I'd rather avoid it. But, the day I picked up my brand new M50 I took it up the Dandenongs and accidently found myself on several dirt roads around The Patch. Too shit scared to do a u turn, always thinking there was bitumen ahead. I mean dirt roads near Melbourne? Come-on!

    Apart from dirtying my new bike, it handled it well. Quite stable. I was being rather careful though!