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cruisers in minority

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by voyager, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Been flicking through the Netriderpix photos and I have to say, I'm starting to feel that I'm in a very small minorty here. Netrider seems to have a distinct LACK of cruiser riders. I'm curious to know why that is. A lot of the Netrider populace appears to have slid over from other forums and newsgroups (eg: ozfireblades, alt.motorbikes.across, etc).

    Just wondering who out there has the cruisers? I know a couple of you, but there HAS to be more.

  2. Well there's me... for the moment...
  4. Me too. Had my little cruiser for 4 months now.

    Dunno about that. They may be slightly less likely to give you a nod when you pass but that's just cuz their beards get in the way
  5. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: damn didnt think of the simple answer
  6. i'm with sluglie. i've known a few bikers from a couple of the larger clubs and none of them would piss on a rice rider if they were on fire. nice blokes otherwise, but they instantly think your a wanker if you ride anything japanese.

    not that all harley riders are like this, its generally just those in the clubs. i know a couple of midlife crisis types that will ride with anyone.

    simple fact is that they're not as popular. check whats on the roads, cruisers are almost as scarce as dirt squirters. its just a numbers thing as to why there arent as many cruisers here on netrider as sports/tourers....
  7. I have a couple of crusiers in my time and still have a soft spot for them.

    Because I don't ride one doesn't mean I don't like them.

    Voy, Roadcarver have a section dedicated to the Cruiser.

  8. Cruisers have a limited appeal for a few reasons IMO.

    A small list:
    The looks of that style don't appeal to everyone. The limited performance, likewise.
    The narrow focus they are designed for as another.

    For me a cruiser would not fulfill the "all rounder" requirements I have. I commute, get from A to B, take holidays on, have a run through the twisties, site on highways and do the odd track day on my bike. I cruiser per se would not accomodate my needs.
  9. I can only understand that to a point - what would be an exciting ride for a sports bike would be nothing but discomfort for the cruiser. Likewise, what the cruiser rider probably enjoys (apart from the pub at the end of the ride...) would be dull and uncomfortable for the sportster. Each to their own there.

    I was more interested in why Netrider specifically doesn't have a larger cruiser base. After all, not all cruiser riders go in large packs, and Netrider is probably the most friendly group of riders around.

    Obviously those cruiser riders who are here will ride with anyone. Certainly all the ones I've seen do. Just curiosity I guess, plus it helps to know who out there can provide expert advice when it comes time to buy/upgrade a cruiser.
  10. I take that, although for most cruiser riders, a sportster would have limited appeal too.

    I just don't see THOSE problems you describe explaining why Netrider has so few cruiser riders. I take the point raised above that those riders tend to bunch up together as one factor.
  11. Less cruiser riders compared to non-cruiser riders = fewer people who ride cruiser to post in the first place. Just an out-of-my-arse guess though.
  12. Does it have a lack of crusier riders, or a representative proportion of what you'd find on the road? In that I mean that crusier riders are in a minority, so you would expect that if numbers within Netrider forum were representative then crusier riders woudl equally be in a minority when looked at the full percentage balance?

    I think that statistically crusier riders ar ethe older generation of riders. Equal statictics show that this group isn't and internet connected/savvy as a younger generation. Ergo, your goign to have a lower percentage of cruiser riders on the 'net and seeking out discussion forums. We did recently have a cruiser business banner advertising with us, and they did quite well when looking at the their click-thru ratio's. So they must be out there and lurking :)
  13. Probably fairly accurate. I guess I was looking for other reasons.
  14. Well I'm a cruizer convert.
    I still ride a naked bike, get the full brunt of the wind and upright riding position but man.....
    I just like the twisties too much, and even in the city there not the best bike to comute on in terms of handling ie getting out of the way of cages that are desperately trying to run you over. I just got sick of scraping pegs everytime I wanted to give it some around corners.
  15. Well I am stepping off the sports bike and onto a cruiser. I prefer to have both, but I cannot afford two rego’s and insurances per year. People’s lifestyles and choices change. I had my bike to get away from my wife. Now I am divorced and have a girlfirend that is not the issue. I have a company car these days and turned into a fair weather rider. Done my apprenticeship for 20+ years and now it’s time to sit back and relax I am in no hurry to get to point B.
  16. I've got a 650 vstar.

    Why it was the first bike i found that when i sat on it both feet touched the ground at the same time.
  17. OK, I'm a cruiser rider and here are my thoughts (for what they are worth)

    I will ride with anyone. Don't care what bike they ride. I don't do a lot of group rides because of family commitments mostly but also because as a small (250) cruiser rider I know I can't keep up with many and don't want to be responsible for always holding others up. Having said that its important to say that no one has ever made me feel anything other than welcome on a netrider ride event. I appreciate it when people wait for me to catch up as was often the case on the GOR run to Halls Gap but I don't want to be dragging people back all the time.

    I ride a cruiser because it felt comfortable when I sat on it. I like to ride. I like to do long rides. I am over 40 and fairly new with only 18 months experience. No way I could ever get the best out of a sports bike and my back, wrists etc would ache to much on a long ride. A comfortable, big sports tourer would be nice. I would love a daytona but comfort will dictate what I get when the time comes. If I could afford it, it would probably be a rocket III. Then I could keep up with everyone else and I wouldn't need to worry about holding everyone up so much.

    I ride a cruiser because I don't need the thrill of pushing a bike to, or past my limit of ability to have fun. I ride a cruiser because at the end of a days ride I don't ache like others. I ride a cruiser because it feels good.

    I ride and will continue to ride with others regardless of what they or I ride because as my signature says.... on your own is good but friends make it better.
  18. Hi All,

    I am a 49yo going through a mid life crisis :) and have not even got my licence yet. I want a cruiser but being a Victorian performance is the main issue as 250cc is as big as I can go. I do NEED the bike for commuting and WANT the bike for monthly 4 hour country trips. A lot of the bikes I have tried seem they might be uncomfortable for long trips - not too keen to be in the "racing" position for 4 hours.

    From looking around with a newies perspective there does seem to be a Harley only attitude for cruisers and if you ride anything else you are put into certain catergories like "gay" "girls bike" and dare i say "mid life crisis" ...lol I think most of the cruiser lovers are hiden in the closet and ride a bike for the image they want and not the image they are :)

    Anyway it could be worse - at least I am not a closet scooter rider.

  19. Kieth,

    250 cruisers will be able to do what you want, so long as you're a "normal" size person. Me.. well, my poor little XV250 isn't happy with me on board. If you're really worried, consider bikes like the Kawasaki Eliminator (6sp gearbox) or the Honda V25 Custom - I think Loz has one of those for sale right now. The XV is fine too - bulletproof for the most part. Just watch out for the really new Suzuki Intruder - the latest model is a 200 and not a 250.

    Netriders, in general, seem to be VERY understanding with this. It doesn't go unnoticed by those of us who have been the slowest link. I'll definately be up for repaying the favour when I upgrade.
  20. Are you sure about that? From what i've seen the 2005 model still has the same 248cc engine but with a crappy new 2-1 exhaust. I ride a 2001 model and it takes my 6'2'' 105kg frame with no problem.