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Cruisers for sale

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by cruiser_bloke, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    I am still pondering over which bike to buy. (read that as I am waiting on the loan). I have seen a heap of V-Stars and Vulcans of all sizes advertised on various sites. I have also seen a heap of M and C109s and 50s. Where are all the second hand M90s? The ones I have seen are nearly the cost of a new one. I have also noticed virtually none in Victoria.

    Are M90s that good that no one wants to get rid of them? Do they perform or handle that well? If one is to believe the dealers they sell just as many as the 109s and 50s so they should be out there.

    My mind keeps getting drawn to the M90 but as this is going to be a long term purchase I want to get it right.
  2. The M90 came out in K9 MAYBE late K8. It's pretty safe to say that there's no second hand ones because there's not enough of them in the market yet.
    Back when I was looking at getting an M50 at the end of 2007, I couldn't find anything second hand. Now I could pick and choose from a whole bunch of K5's onwards at bargain rates.
  3. Isn't the M90 a newer addition to the Boulevard line-up? The M50 and M109 have been around much longer I think.

    If they are new(ish) to the range that could explain the lack of them in the wild second hand.

    EDIT Gah Mountaneer beat me to it! cheers
  4. m90 is a wannabe M109

    buy a 109, they can be had for almost no extra

    i brought my 109 brand new on road for less than what most people pay for their m90's so shop around...

    they look similar but look closer and you notice the differences... then get onto the forums and see that everyone who had 90 is always after more power etc...

    kinda like buying a falcon then putting a turbo on it when you could have brought a turbo one and been done with it...

    also the engines are vastly different, the 109 is a short stroke big bore, the 90 is a longer stroke engine..... but dont be fooled thinking that the 109 has to rev.... it still makes max tq @ 3200 rpm despite its short stroke compare that the a hardley and you'll see it had the widest powerband of any true cruiser
  5. They are a top bike in their own right. They aren't a wannabe anything. Even the Harley riders at work have complimentary words for my M90. 8-[
  6. ohh no no no no sorry

    from across the road they have their own identity

    seriously you'd have to look twice to tell the difference and thats if you owned one

    if your the general non riding public you'd not have a clue that the 90 wasnt a 109...

    even the new 50 looks very similar in styling.... it a little lazy on suzukis part i think, but then again gsxr 600 750 and 1000 all look the same too
  7. weird!!! i can't find any c50s for sale second hand anywhere in Vic :|
    Which websites did you check apart from bikesales and trading post?
    Just found a maroon c50, and thats about it. (need a black one) :|