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Cruisercustomizing orders

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. How many people have ordered from these guys before?
    I placed my order a month ago :( haven't received it.

    They said it could be 3-4 weeks, but it's past that. :(

    Just curious on some feedback if u've ordered from them previously.
  2. Have you got some kind of a number that you can check with customs, aus post, courier etc? Otherwise, have you tried emailing them to see what's going on?
  3. i've emailed them to chase it up.
    i have an order numb. but not a tracking number. i asked for a tracking number in my email etc.

    i was hoping someone would be like "oh yeah, don't stress! it sometimes takes x number of week" lol... i'm waiting on their reply at the moment.
  4. When I read that after a quick perusal I thought I read circumcising orders.
  5. They are great about replying to emails in my experience. My last order was a little delayed as they had to back order some items - I queried them via email, and then they kept me up to date via email on progress, and I had the items delivered to my door via courier from the US within 2 days of them arriving at Cruisercustomizing. I got a tracking number to monitor the courier progress.

    Don't stress, they are a good company - wait for a response to your email - how long ago did you email them?
  6. As you said above, don't stress.

    I have ordered heaps from them and their communication is good even allowing for the time differential.................never let me down!! (gee |I miss having th cruiser in the garage :( )

  7. sent the email on the 27th... so effectively, it'll get there 'yesterday' so might have response tomorrow...

    i just want my pipes! *sulk* haha

    but yeah, previous contact with them has been very good. anyway, soon as i get the pipes, i'll get a whole bunch of photos/wav's.
  8. If they are finding out what has happened to your order (checking with the mail service) they wont reply quickly...
  9. i am in the market for some pipes also, and was just about to purchase some from them. i asked/emailed them if they had them in stock, which they didnt, so i went with someone else. (the pipes i want are not available in Aust. till next year, so i dont mind waiting a few weeks or more)
    but let me tell you, CruiserCustomizing were fully on the ball when it came to email response!
    relax..im sure the price difference will make up for any shipping delay, when they arrive at your door.
  10. I've used several places, however not these guys. In my experience, however, most of these places are really good for response and communication. Just remember the time differentials.

    On a side note - I used Hellriser Customs and they were amazing. Ordered 2 items on the same day - one from them in the US and one from an australian company in Sydney. Guess who's item arrived on my desk first? Thats right - the US one! 4 days from time of order and I had the parts in my hand.
  11. i have just been advised by email, that the items i have purchased (from an online shop in the USA) will have a tracking number for me to check the items status during shipping.
    when they recieve the tracking number. they will forward it to me.
    all good hey...

    the punch line... they claim that 'often' the delivery arrives before the email with the tracking number. !!!!

    time will tell hey!

  12. hey spongesam...

    im waiting for my new pipes too btw!!

    hope yours turn up real soon :)
  13. I ordered about $2k worth of stuff, which I split into 2 orders, to avoid the GST. Most of the items they had to order which took a couple of weeks. When I emailed them didnt know where the items were. Once I got a wrong UPS tracking number. In the end everything turned up and was all fine. I guess like me you just want the goodies NOW
  14. i found the whole ordering stock in fine with them... the order status was for 1 item "ready to ship"... and for the other item "ordered"... couple of days later they were both ready to be shipped and then status changed to shipped... so that side of things was easy to track.

    and yes, i just want them now! :(

    on a seperate note, having an ask at the local PO, apparently the postie hasn't been leaving notes for parcels and they've been getting that a lot in the last few weeks... but unfortunately my name hasn't shown up as something that someone tried to deliver.
  15. the postie obviously isnt a netrider member.
    have a talk to him/her.

  16. are they there yet
    are they there yet
    are they there yet?


    now im going thru what you have been...


  17. hey..spongesam. i just thort... that you must be busy puting those pipes on your bike..?

    as you were.

  18. still no pipes in the mail :(:(

    waiting on a reply, it's only thursday in the US, so hopefuly get one soon.

    getting pissed off now :( i want my pipes!!!

    put holes in my existing ones, so at least i have some relief until they arrive
  19. Did you check their wesite with the order # they gave you with the order?

    In the end I just rang them. It's like $5 for a call to California. Ask for Nui if you can, he seemed to sort my oders out. Just tell them you want the UPS tracking number and you can look ont he UPS site yourself. If they tell you they dont have the UPS tracking number tell them to find it! (and email it to you)
  20. bit of an update...

    this was sent by international postal mail... therefore there is no tracking number like there would be with UPS.

    they assured me it should still be 'en route'.

    If the order isn't received in 8 weeks then it can be reshipped as after such time it is considered lost.

    well at least i won't be without pipes in the long run, but damn how i want them now... what's the bet they turn up monday 24th december, as an 'early' xmas present... lol... i want them now though :(:(

    i'll do some chasing up with my local post office though.