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Cruiser under 1100cc

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Lucid Mikey, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Hello everybody!
    Given ACT learners restrictions pretty much any cruiser under 1100cc is available, so what would you choose?
    Cheers, Mikey

  2. Yamaha Bolt is quite tasty, I've seen a couple up close and know someone who's fairly short who has no issues punting it around.
    The default choice is the XVS650 though.
  3. The Default choice is indeed the XVS650 and if that's your budget then that's what I'd suggest.

    I'm not a fan of the Bolt (XVS950CV) but the V-Star (XVS950A) Yamaha is well styled (and better finished than the Bolt), the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 series is worth checking out as well.

    And if you've got the extra dollars the Harley 883 is always an option.

    The styling of the Suzuki cruisers has always seemed heavy handed and a bit rough to me so I can't suggest much there.

    The Honda VT750 is another alternative and there's nothing wrong with it but it's a fair bit down on torque compared to the 900s, good alternative to the 650 though.
  4. Been looking at the xvs650 and they are amazing value holders, to the point bigger bikes are a cheaper alternative... checking out a vulcan 900 hopefully this weekend.
  5. Lucid MikeyLucid Mikey
    What's your budget?
    How do you plan to ride e.g. weekends only, commuting only, mix of both?
    Are you tall, short etc?
    What riding experience (on road and off road) do you have?
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  6. Oh the 1130cc vrod is soooo close
  7. Too much bike for a noob though, surely?
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  8. Budget is trying to stay under 10k
    Bike is for the misses, she'll be riding to and from work during the week (35k round trip)
    Shes 5'8 I think
    And bout to get learners.
    I know she doesnt need a massive bike but thinking better off getting one that could last a few years.
    Cheers, Mikey
  9. Have a look at the Kawa Vulcan S. http://www.kawasaki.com.au/vulcan-s/
    Seems a good fit for her size
    Very easy to punt about for an L rider
    Japanese with very well known and trusted mechanical bits (it's been around for yonks as the ER6N/L/Versys).
    $10K OTR (I think).
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  10. I have been looking at them, $10990 with a year of insurance, issue is don't think any in canberra...
  11. Mechanically they're fine but seriously... they're the ugliest attempt at making a 'cruiser' since BMW failed HARD with the R850C/R1200C.
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  12. I ride a BMW K1300R so I'm not really qualified to comment on what looks good...o_O
  13. Haha, I'm leaving that verdict till I see one in person... they are different though. Why is the honda ctx700 called a cruiser?
  14. I would get her a little 250. Some of those bikes mentioned are pretty big and heavy and intimidating for a female learner IMHO
  15. Whilst the ctx700 has a riding position not dissimilar to some cruisers I wouldn't personally call it a cruiser.

    By function the ctx700 is a hybrid between a cruiser and a tourer like the stripped down Gold Wing F6B. I suspect Honda think there's a market for people who want the riding position of a cruiser but don't want a bike that looks like a cruiser, and who knows they may well be correct.
  16. Ctx is called a cruiser by bikesales etc. I really dont know with the 250 idea, not ruling them out just thinking she'd want to upgrade not too far down the track. Also down the track smaller bikes arent as good for pillion ing right?
  17. New or second hand? Yamaha vstar 1100's were 1049cc from memory.

    Personally I would be suggesting something a little smaller as a first bike.
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  18. 250's are not good 2 up bikes, not any of them, and yes most (but not all) people want to upgrade down the track.

    Having said that an XVS650 or a VT750 will carry a pillion without too much trouble so it's not really a requirement to go to a 900/950 if you're concerned that's too much bike for a 1st time rider.
  19. Is there much weight difference between a 250 and a 650? I doubt it.
  20. Actually I thought it looked pretty nice in the advert, though I haven't seen one in the flesh.
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