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Cruiser tyres?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Bluesuede, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    Ok my V-Star is due for a new front and rear. There's a million tyre threads for the crotch rockets but there doesn't seem to be anything for the cruisers!

    I'm looking for some recommendations if anyone would be so kind to contribute :)

    My current front is the tyre that came with the bike - a Bridgestone Exedra G703. I haven't had any real complaints with it on the front - its been a relatively good performer in dry or wet, and has done (from memory - cbf checking the odo :LOL: ) over 22,000 km at this point. Don't know if I should get the same again or not?

    I have on the rear a Dunlop K555 which I had no choice in - I ran the original Bridgestone to the canvas and had to get an emergency replacement in Albury and had a choice of this tyre or a tow back to Melbourne. Its done about 11,000km which is about the same as I got from the original Bridgestone. I didn't like the original tyre that much - I found it a relatively poor performer in the wet, and the Dunlop has been somewhat better - but still not what I'd consider ideal.

    To be honest, I've got no idea as to what the ideal choice would be for the bike, and given I need to replace both I want to get a decent match for front and rear. I tend to push my bike fairly hard for a cruiser, so road holding in the corners is important. I'm no fair weather rider either, so something decent for anything nature can throw at me would be appreciated. Hmmm....I like to tour so longevity is important. So I'm not picky, I just want a set of tyres that are perfect in every situation :LOL:

    What recommendations does anyone have? Any favourites with the other cruiser riders here?
  2. I just replaced my rear with a Metzeler ME880 260 and I am very impressed with its traction levels ABOVE the OEM Dunlop.
    The front is about to be replaced with the corresponding 130/70/18 .

    The 880 is meant to be a long life tyre - whatever that is, and I am very impressed with its wet AND dry capabilities.
    Impressive lean angles are available (for a cruiser) in the wet.
  3. I've got a Metzeler on the back of my Vulcan and I'm about to put one on the front as well. +1 to your recommendation. I am very impressed with them.
  4. The only downside to the Metz tyres is their price - almost $400 for the rear 260. compared to 320 for the std dunnie replacement. Check sizes carefully, on the 109, the oem tyre is a 240 dunlop. There is a 240 Dunlop available in Aust, but it is a different spec to the OEM tyre, and doesnt fit on the rim!. The 'proper' replacement is a 250 Dunlop.

    Wasnt comfortable with the wet weather performance of the Dunlop, so thought I would try the Metz.
  5. Cheers - thanks guys! I'd read some good reviews of the Metzelers but didn't know personally anyone who'd run with them - so I appreciate that feedback!

    It's interesting to hear about them providing better traction and yet generally having a pretty long life. All the reviews I saw seemed to indicate substantially better mileage then Dunlops and Bridgestones which would have made me suspect a harder tyre and poorer grip on the road - despite claims to the contrary. So its good to hear your feedback...I think I'll give them a go. Will be interesting to see what the pricing is for my bike though...hopefully a bit less than the bigger ones for the 109 :shock:
  6. Well - made my decision, so thanks guys! I've booked it in for a service next week and getting the tyres done at the same time. New Metzelers just in time for the Icicle ride :grin:
  7. I just replaced both tyres (they were Metzelers) on my Roadstar with ... a fresh set of Metzelers. Worked beautifully before, never had a grip, noise or excessive wear problem - why change a good thing?
  8. Picked up the bike last night with my new set of Metzelers fitted! \:D/ Now just have to scrub them in...initial impressions however are good :) Only had a short ride home on them but they already appear to handle better than what I've had on the bike to this point.

    Also had a K&N air filter fitted...woot...can already notice the difference :grin: :dance:
  9. high flow aspirator for you next. Oh, and a replacement manifold, and ignition kit, and.... :p