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cruiser / tourer suggestions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. I was all intent on buying a suzuki burgman 650 for long distance work, but looking into the scooter social scene and you quickly realise that a majority are real tossers. So time to rethink my plan and look for something else.

    I am not really sure what I want, but it has to be comfortable for long rides and I want some storage space. I am not opposed to panniers, as long as they look half decent on the bike. Been eyeing off the bike the queensland coppers are now using, the yamaha although I am not sure what model they are.


    BTW. I have time, I was on an REA, and only upgraded to RE about 6 months ago, so still have 6 months before I can get on the bigger bike.
  2. i read a write-up comparing a gs500, gsx650 (i think) and a 'busa as tourers, how psychotic are you planning to be?

    never seen a cop on anything other than beemers, can't help with the yammy model
  3. I actually read that article. Not sure panniers would suit the busa look! I really do like the white hayabusa though, i reckon its one of the best looking bikes on the market.

    I reckon the cops are using a custom version of the FJR1300, but I was looking at one pissed the other night and I swear I saw a badge on it that said 1200.

    Seriosuly, not very psychotic. I want something that I can spend a long weekend on, and carry basic camping gear (I used to hike/bushwalk so its very minimal gear) and perhaps push out to a week once a year. All on road stuff, I reckon maybe 6 hours on the road a day, 8 at a push. I am more concerned about comfort and ability to carry gear.
  4. goldwing? armchair on wheels!
  5. Do Honda still make that twin with the integrated panniers? I can't remember the name...
  6. Do you mean the NT700V Deauville?...if so then yes. Saw one at a bike shop yesterday for $12490 ride away.
  7. Maybe you should look at a Honda Transalp, it's got optional factory panniers/top box and if you enjoy camping/bushwalking it'll handle the odd dirt road to get you to a more remote camping spot. Same motor as the NT700V Deauville.

    The GSX650F can be easily fitted with a ventura rack and bag and a tank bag and will carry all most people would need. The GS500F ditto.

    Suzuki do the DL650 in a similar vein to the Transalp although we don't get the model with the optional hard luggage there are Hepco Becker after market pannier frames and pannies available.

    many options...
  8. Or you could go the really serious super-tourers: not goldwings, but things like the GTR, the FJR, that big Honda (ST?) the cops used to use, BMWs and so on. They're the ones you want for serious mile-eating.
  9. On Bikesales, Burgmans (Burgmen? ;-)) run from about 6-10 grand, 12 for a brand newie, so I'll assume that's the budget.

    Nice older GTR 1000s are in the same bracket, lots in great condition with low km (amazing). GTR1400s are around 20 grand or more new, but there's one with very few km on it in Qld for 13 grand... very nice tourers indeed.

    Similar story with Honda: the older ST1100s are available in the 6-10 range, the newer ST1300s are more 12-15, though there are some under 10 grand.

    Others here are much better qualified than me to talk about the options in terms of BMWs. But *any* of these, in good nick, is infinity times more bike than a Burgman!
  10. A bit off track maybe, but the Aprilia Mana crosses the scooter/bike divide with some clever stroage (IE some decent storage where a tank normally is) there are some decent panniers available too. Some used examples becoming available now for a realistic price.
  11. I have been eyeing of a newish GTR1400 that parks out the front of my office recently. They do look the part.

    I had also considered BMW, but they are hell dear, even for second hand ones. For the same price I buy second hand i could pick up a brand new gtr1400 for example.

    I dont really have a budget, but I dont think spending up to 20k is out of the question if I know its a decent bike and is going to last me a while. I am not sure I could convince the boss to let me go to 30k for a new BMW, and to be honest I can buy a decent car for that, lot of money. At this stage, a low k second hand bike I reckon would be the best fit for me.
  12. Yeah, definitely: at say 14 k you could end up with a *very* nice low km GTR that would pretty much last the rest of your riding life!
  13. You can get all the BMW you'll ever need for $15k. That'll buy you a pristine example of any longitudinal K, any R1100, most R1150s and a few R1200s. Cheaper to run long term than the Japanese tackle too (IMHO). Cheaper insurance alone is a significant factor.

    However, as a relatively new rider, I would recommend getting test rides on as many different bikes and types of bike as you can as you may find that any of the big tourers/sports tourers is more bike than you want for what you want to do with it.

    Sounds like a Strom would suit you well as they're probably king of the versatile middleweights.
  14. Or, even cheaper, there's this one (mechanic's check, of course). http://tinyurl.com/2ef45hy

    Get a white helmet when riding this thing and the traffic will part like the Red Sea!
  15. (But I definitely second what Pat said: test rides, longish if you can get 'em)
  16. Strewth... you’ve gone from buying a silly little scooter to full on touring bikes... i’d suggest you don’t buy anything until you know what you REALLY want...

    Truth be known you can tour on just about anything as long as you set up and pack right... i’ve toured the Nullarbor on a Rocket III, to Darwin on a Goldwing, NSW on a GSX 1400 and Tasmania on another Rocket III ... the boys in the Touring section on this forum are even doing long trips on 250’s using panniers and tank bags etc.... all easily fitted then taken off again...

    I don’t like small bikes for touring myself.. too light in my mind... have you ever ridden a cruiser type bike? VStar 650 is nicely weighted with nice power to ride all day if properly set up with screen and panniers...

    When i went to Tasmania i used a 150ltr duffle bag sitting on my rear seat and panniers... it held my tent, chair, 4WD self inflatable mattress, pillow, sleeping bag etc etc... all of my Tours are in the Touring section of this site if you are interested to see how i set up etc...

    Don’t get attached to just ONE bike... buy a nice bike thats going cheap and then you can turn it over within 12 months getting your money back... when i bought the Goldwing it was going cheap and after our Darwin Trip i picked up an extra 3 thousand dollars for it than what i paid... even my last rocket i turned it over for an extra 1500....

    Infact.. have i got a deal for you.. a GSX1400 already set up with Towbar, 45lt Top Box and windshield... all for the LOW LOW price of $11500 !!!

  17. Cheers guys. BTW, I am not fixed on any one bike, hence the reason I asked the question.

    Firetiger, I will head over the touring section and take a good look now at your setup.

    The biggest problem I have is that I am 6' and 110kg, so even though the gs500 could be used as a tourer i start cramping up on it after an hour or so. I guess what I need is something with the pegs a little bit further away from the seat?

    BTW, the main reason I have gone from scooters to bikes is that I enjoy the long rides. It used to be just a city commute for me. Took me 10 years to figure out that riding distances is actually the best part about being on 2 wheels!
  18. 650 Burgman?
  19. Thats what I was going to buy. I still own a scooter though, 250cc. Was going to sell it but got on it again the other night for something to do and had a bit of fun. Probably will still sell it though.

    I was talking to a mate today who has been riding forever, and he reckons I need to notch up a good 15000-20000kms on the gs500 before I even think about looking for another bike. He is probably right. He is also a guy who does lots of touring, so I am going to start joining him on a few longer rides on his newly purchased gs500! I will try to convince him to let me have a ride of his BMW too, he wants to have a go on my scooter so I think its a fair trade! :p

    Please keep the ideas coming though, I am listening to everything everyone has to say.
  20. Don't automatically sell your scooter just because you're getting a bike, a scooter makes a much more practical commuter than most bikes do.

    I love my tourer for touring, but I MUCH prefer my scooter for commuting.