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Cruiser & Sports Bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dcbear78, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Anyone own a sports bike and a cruiser? Seems this is fairly divided, you are one or the other, rarely both.

    The reason I am asking is I am thinking of buying a Suzuki M90 Boulevard to go with my FZ6R (even though I am not licensed to ride the Boulevard yet). Around my parts there are no twisties or exciting rides. But plenty of places to cruise to like the local beach and a few nice towns within a couple hours. I just seem to like the idea of cruising, but I don't really want to give up the sports bike as I will most likely use it for the work commute.

    Anyone own both? If so what do you use the different bikes for? And have you found yourself favouring one over the other?
  2. I haven't been riding long and I'm still stuck with LAMS restricted bikes.

    I've got a VStar 650 cruiser and a 250 Ninja.

    The cruiser is for around town, visiting, the occasional trip into the city, coffee, going out...

    The Ninja is for the twisties.

    Different bikes for different purposes.

    I really do like both.

    Unless it's a spirited ride into the twisties or riding with predominantly sports bikes, I'll pick the cruiser.
  3. HAHA. I was thinking the same... I have been shopping around Suzuki M50 or HD 883 Iron... Can't decide which one?

    Good luck with r search.
  4. Surely 2 bikes are better than 1? If you can swing it $ wise, then why not?
  5. If I had the $$$ I would have 4

    super sports
    dedicated motard
    dedicated adventure/trails
  6. I've owned a cruiser and now a sportsbike, wish i had the cash to own both
  7. Which essentially means he's always on the sports bike :LOL:
  8. Dude you hijacked my brain ;)

    You still after a trail bike? I got a ute now so I can get a bushbasher with just the rec rego.
  9. I already have the ute

    r1 went to finance the helmet business - all my money is tied up there :(

    plus no rec rego in NSW
  10. hehe - I think I'm calming down with age.

    I was on the cruiser last night for coffee.
  11. As far as the RTA's concerned, I've got a Hayabusa and a 650 V-Star. The V-Star is actually the wife's bike- I bought it for her birthday last year so she'd get her L's, but I ride it occasionally. I wouldn't wanna ride it too far though, it ain't good for my back oddly enough. I can ride the 'busa all day and half the night with no dramas, but 3hrs on the cruiser and my back is rooted for a week! Go figure. But anyway, it's a bit of fun and handles better than I'd expected once you get used to the different seating position and the scraping of running boards on roundabouts and off-camber corners. I'd say go for it if you can afford it.
  12. Don't own both but ride both, I'm lucky enough to have the old mans Harley regularly. I like my 600rr more but that's probably the noon coming out. The Harley is good fun too though, comfortable, nice and loud and you ride a bit slower too. Sometimes I forget about the brakes on the Harley (ie anyone seen them lol) and have to grab that lever with a full fist.

    I'd love to have the money to own both myself, as cruisers are pretty sweet as long as you ride them as they're designed for.
  13. Owner of 2 sportsbikes and love them both. Though, the thought has crossed my mind to someday own a Boulevard.
    Still toying with the idea of a Hayabusa, as I'm not ready to 'retire' from sportsbikes just yet...
  14. Currently on a gixxer 750, wanting to buy an M50 with the idea of having both.

    Can't afford to yet.
  15. I do like the idea of having one thing for fun and one for the casual cruises, but personally I doubt I'd ever choose a cruiser.

    About to get a sports-tourer, as a multipurpose bike. Also not really into super sports though, I prefer grunty V engines.. so in the future I may end up with either a sports-tourer or hypersports and a VTwin superbike

    One can dream at least :roll:

    Dad used to have the same problem when he got his xv750, the seat had no back support and the wind at highway speeds meant he could barely walk for a week after.
    The solution was a custom seat (moulded to include a little bit of a backrest) and a windscreen.
    Never had the same issue again.

    btw the seat is sort of this kinda shape:
    Only in a way that actually suits the bike. There should be something similar available for most cruisers.
  16. I'm with Motolegion except instead of a super sports I'd like a super tourer eg. Kawasaki GTR 1400. Bikes are like dogs. There is a shape and temperament to suit everyone:wink:
  17. Nice bike too, that GTR1400, Farkinott.
    Actually, that and the 'busa are the 2 I'd consider for my 'sport tourer' :)
  18. Thanks everyone. I thought I was a bit unusual wanting both.

    Well my plans are, I will get myself a Suzuki M90 Boulevard and spend some money customising and riding it on weekends etc. I am still on my restricted licence for another 9 months or so. I will only really ride this bike occasionally. I will keep my FZ6R for the work commute until I have my unrestricted licence. At this time I will re-assess whether I want to keep two bikes (plus car).

    If I do still want 2 bikes I will probably upgrade the FZ6R to something like a Daytona.
  19. Ha! I have a gixxer 750 and an M50 :) I had the gix first and wanted the cruiser to be something more comfortable and relaxing, and just loved having the two polar opposites of bike style to choose from. I've had the two for a year and loved it to start with, but I'm just finding that, well, you can't ride two bikes at once, and over time riding both interchangably, and because they are the different ends of the spectrum, a favourite emerged and I started to favour the sports bike again, it just did more for me. I guess I'm just still young enough to favour the toys over the sensibility haha. But yeah rego'ing and insuring 2 bikes and a car in QLD sucks absolute balls, it's a fair chunk of change and I'm having serious considerations about selling the cruiser.