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NSW Cruiser screen

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by Vertical C, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. Cruiser screen, about 40cm high with attachments

    Has a little corrosion on the arms (could be painted). Good if you just want something for one trip. These would be a couple hundred new.

    Pickup in Crows Nest, Sydney

    If not gone in a fortnight then I will post it for cost of postage, its a couple kgs.

  2. Ooo... what bike did it come off ? Looking at a 16 - 17" screen at the moment ...
  3. Honda Vt1100, the clamps go around the forks.
  4. VERY interested and willing to pay post ... may need to mod the brackets but looks like they may bolt on my Vstar..
  5. Marty has sent me postage for this so will be sending.

    So gone
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  6. great news, Marty is aboot to fly akross the nulla :) great to see good things go to good people :)
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  7. Thanks for the vote Goddie :) ... Fitting the screen up later this week
  8. great news Marty, reckon you'll love it on the highway, makes a difference for sure.
  9. Ok ... This screen is back up for grabs .. I didn't end up using it as its about 2.5" too short for my height (6'3"). Great screen few blemishes.. Have cleaned up clamps etc so they are shiny again, will post pics soon ... Story same as before .. Pay postage or pickup ..it's yours...
  10. Im not as tall as you, rekon it woud fit my vstar 650 classic ?
  11. Marty,
    what's the status on this screen now ? Do you still have it ?
    Or did it go to 2shy ?
  12. I belive it will :)
  13. let me know if I can have and I will come over and pick it up, I stopped shopping for one several months back, way too expensive to buy on a pension, and most I looked at were too tall.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.