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Cruiser riding gear.

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Riding Eagle, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone. Was just wondering if people know of any good online sites to get riding gear that is more suited to a cruiser, especially boots.
    I used to have some Alpine star road boots but they went to the insurance after my off, so now I am looking again for some new ones.
    I would prefer boots with out any rings on the ankles. I have found a couple of sites in the US, but was hoping to find some in AU but I am not having much luck.


  2. Buying online "Especially boots" ? Especially boots you need to try on yourself.
    I tried tens of pairs of boots in bike shop. While all of them were size 45, some of them I couldn't even put on, in some of them I could almost put two feet together.
    Don't know why but biking boots don't follow common size standard. you have to try them on.
  3. I used to wear a pair of black Mack boots on my cruiser. They are ankle high and strong and solid.

    I have seen a boot made by Icon which was a cruiser boot as well..
  4. The main reason for looking online is so that I can narrow down choices. I only have what I class as small bike shops where I live and they do not carry that much in the way of range. Especially for cruising.
    If I could find something online, then I could at least ask to see if they can get it in for me to try.
    I might have to go to a pair of Dryriders at this rate, but I know that I do not want another pair of Alpinestars for use on a cruiser.

    I will edit this and say that the Alpinestars Effex boots may be suitable.
  5. Agree with the other poster.
    You have to try them on, or you have some very expensive door stops!.

    Have a day in the city, hit Elizabeth street, and go shopping, you should be able at least to try on brands and make some notes.
    Bring the anchor, and see a show, have dinner and make a day of it!.

    Knowing sizes of brands, and styles, lets you still shop online, try MCAS.com.au as a start.

    Looked at some boots yesterday, was disapointed in the construction. looked great, but were made shite!. You have to check that out as well.
  6. I bought a pair of Rossi boots at Bikemart in Feb. Bloody comfortable, top quality and strong for around $200, took a day or so wearing around the house to break in now I don't want to take them off. I think Spot On bikes in Elizabeth St carry them also. Much sturdier and stronger sole than the dririders and Thomas Cooks etc.
  7. Are you fellows in Vic?
    I am in the Qld Maryborough.

    I have thought about heading to the Sunshine coast and having a look in shops.
    It would just be good if all the online shops in OZ did have a bit more of a cruiser style range. Most that I have found just have the R-Jays Rebel type, and I am more trying to get an idea of what is available.

    Thanks for the replies.
  8. I second the suggestion of the Rossi's Aussie made to booT !
  9. I had trouble finding a motorcycle boot that did not feel like I was walking out of them. I went to a work gear place and bought a pair of steelcap leather safety boots. they are comfortable and solid leather. $125. I think they look right for a cruiser and still give the protection.
  10. I bought a paid of boots on Amazon. Great price, shipping for free! The trick was I kjnew exactly what i was looking for and I knew my size - but when your actually ready to buy. Amazon is still a good place to go when you know what you want.
  11. I went down south for a few days last week, and was lucky enough to stumble upon a shop that stocked Ariat boots. Tried some on and got my size sorted out. They only had brown ones, no black one, but I knew what size so I have ordered some of the net. If I had bought them from the shop $215 AU, from Bootbarn in the US $128 AU delivered.
    If anyone decides to order from Bootbarn ever, I recommend either a fax order or email order as there online ordering only half works with overseas orders. On the plus side though, there customer service is very good.
  12. I have a pair of Boston Bros boots (Harley lookalike with the rouns chrome ankle thingy) there are nice in the hot summer - BUT a couple of months ago I bought myself a pair of the said "ROSSI" Boot well after trying on all the other they are my favorite so i picked them up from the small store just up from kawasaki in melbourne in the side street for $200

    They are great to walk around in :grin:
  13. I had trouble finding a motorcycle boot that did not feel like I was walking out of them. I went to a local Safeway and bought a pair of thongs. They are comfortable and solid rubber. $1.25. I think they look right for a cruiser and still give the protection against bindies.
  14. Yeah, I looked at them originally Bonkers, but could not find any to match the colour of my bike. How many different colours do they have at Safeway. I don't have a Safeway around here, so could you have anther look and get back to me? Thanks mate.
  15. Color matching is easy.
    My local $2 shop has thongs, AND aerosol cans.

    I just painted the thongs when I sprayed the bike! 2 cans will do it all!
  16. I just did 4500km roadtrip on my cruiser - picked up a pair of Alpine Star boots before I went. Needed something I could walk in and ride in with footboards and still be comfy (so something a bit shorter than the big race boots and more flexible), but also that offered decent protection. Can't see the model name as I'm wearing them at the moment and if I take them off in the middle of the office I'll set of the hazmat sensors. They are solid black, only the reflective tab at the rear. Perfect for a cruiser, plus they're waterproof. I'll edit this when I can see the tag.