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Cruiser riders - Sydney-side

Discussion in 'NSW' started by tubbsy, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Just wanna feel it out, any cruisers riders around Sydney interested in doing a regular-ish weekend brekkie run?

    Just lookin to build a little network of cruiser riders to head out with every now and then.

    Thinking maybe different locations, different ride lengths etc, that type of thing.

    All levels welcome, any interest?

  2. Yeh sure. maybe once a month form different areas and rides depending on start points. What level of interest?
  3. Thread has only been active 20 odd minutes. :D

    You're the first to reply.
  4. i second the notion for a once a month thing, rather than a weekly thingy

    i need to visit the wildlife every week at the Learner's session at homebush
  5. I also agree to this, then I know where not to ride :)
  6. Yeh, what I envisaged was something we could all own as cruiser riders, and then whenever someone felt like it, could just shout out and see who was up for it.

    As a demographic we tend to be the lone wolf (love that phrase) type I think.
    I'm thinking of a ride up to Terrigal tomorrow and back. Got a wedding in the arvo, so can't be a big one for me.
  7. Sure sure mate......bet you'll 'monitor' this thread, and we'll notice an R6 hanging just far enough behind us to pretend they're part of the big boy bikes. :D
  8. Can I be included? Would this be a longish run or a shortish run? Also im free most Sundays so a Sunday run would be excellent. Im doing the Putty loop this Sunday if your interested.
  9. Do you mean for tomorrow? Sure. At the moment it's just me, I don't even know what direction I'll go yet. Being new to Aussie (been here 6 months) be good to hear some suggestions. ;-)
  10. Stop feeding the ducks Mav, they looked quite tubby when I was there last Wednesday lol.
  11. hey man with grocery prices going up i'll be saving big money on a couple of ducks for Xmas lunch.

    you can't include harley riders in this demographic

    i'm tagging onto goz's putty run, then got the missus's work xmas party afterwards...

    and the following week there is a KV run on saturday if you're interested

    what about the weekend of the 18th?
  12. Don't forget 18th is homebush BBQ Xmas party

  13. There’s another Putty ride happening tomorrow, bigger group going, and I think was a substitute to the Homebush practice. I cant make the Saturday ride because of other commitments but still wanted to do the Putty on Sunday. Your best bet would be to join the larger and more experienced group which is going this Saturday. If you cant do Saturday then your more than welcome to join me and a few friends this Sunday.
  14. You keep feeding them bro, this shady asian will go there in the middle of the night and nick them before you could even put your BBQ’s on lol. A win-win for me. The little ones are appetisers.
  15. don't forget??

    first i heard of it...but thanks for the reminder anyway. is there a thread up with details?
  16. Not yet, I'll add it next week
  17. More experienced at what? ;-)
  18. wearing a wife-beater

  19. Im sure they are more experienced at something :p

  20. Got some wet weather gear just in case. Ive got everything crossed though hoping for better weather tomorrow.