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Cruiser riders - opinions please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Hi there -- doing some market research here

    applies to cruiser riders

    what would you think of the bomber flight jacket with removable internal shoulder, elbow , back armor

    as well as removable fluffy liner and collar so it doubles for winter/summer
    any input welcomed and appreciated

    PS - serious responses please :) that means you farkinott


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  2. I want one! It would keep my gerbils warm when they aren't within, I mean with me!\\:D/
  3. Your on the wrong forum - try

  4. The leather is motorcycle grade?? Water resistance??

    That fur will be a nightmare if it gets wet - plus can you button them down - they will flap like crazy. Otherwise, take it off to ride

    And looks OK as a retro jacket.....
  5. The collar may look more like this

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  6. Much better
  7. i think your model needs a moustache and some mascara to appeal more to your target demographic.
  8. Motolegion, I'm only one voice but I wouldn't wear it........... it's just a little too wannabee poser and not enough rider for my taste. Toecutter covered the fur collar issue which doesn't rock my boat either... but as I said, I'm ony one voice..
  9. And I appreciate that voice even if it is just 1 - thank you
  10. I wouldn't wear it mate, looks abit "soft" for my taste and thats the only way I can describe it.
  11. I don't think cruiser riders would wear it. It needs elbow, shoulder and nipple holes, as well as shiny studs everywhere. :p

    Although picture 2 looks alright.
  12. Lets just say its a concept - a heavy motorcycle leather jacket fashioned on a ww2 bomber jacket like this one in the pic here with the armour protection

    provides good warmth for tourer/cruiser riders with the fleece being removable as well as the collar

    the finished product would look more like this picture

    the sleeve ends though wouldnt be elasticised like in the pic - more so zipper down like a normal bike jacket

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  13. I wouldn't wear it.

    I don't like the fluffy collar. A bit naf.

    I'm not a fan of the bomber style jackets anyway.
  14. I actually don't mind the bomber jacket style of things, just the fluffy lining/collar doesn't really suit today's market at all.

    A removable winter lining is a must for all new jackets, but perhaps a different style would be better.
    Also an adjustable strap for closing up the neck would be good too, I noticed one picture has a button style thing there but it really needs to be adjustable to keep the wind out on highway trips.

  15. Not for me thanks.

    The collar on this would be an immediate turn off for me, removable or not I would walk or click straight past onto something else.

    The bomber style I'm not sure about either. I dont think I'd care for it any more than the more snugly fitting type jackets I own and I would be concerned as to the movement of the armour in an off if there was too much freedom in the fit.
  16. same, i wouldnt wear 1
  17. Keep up the good work moto as I'm sure it'll appeal to some riders out there.
  18. I don't see what's wrong with a traditional 'Brando' style leather jacket for riding a cruiser, plenty retro enough.

    Something like the one below maybe (although I'd lose the tassels, never did like tassels).

  19. ^^ now I'd wear that jacket on my naked bike too.
  20. Thank you -- I am just trying to produce something different - looking at things from different perspectives -- taking something similar from a different industry/pastime and adapting it

    Trying to be innovative

    as for the fleece lining and collar - just looking at it from a warmth/wind proof perspective

    Cheers to all for the open honest and polite feedback