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cruiser riders off to the WSB Saturday?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by peter-reebok, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Anyone else interested in a cruiser ride to PI and the WSB (World SuperBikes) for Saturday 1 March? Plan is to spend the whole day there.

    I will be going on my 109, and wondered if anyone else wanted to tag along? I wont ride at 200kmh this time, and actually obey most traffic laws, so wont be joining sportsbike groups!

    Plan on leaving FTG at around 7am. can meet anywhere in between!.
  2. Hiya mate - may be interested in coming along - I'll confirm with you :) Does FTG = Ferntree Gully? Whereabouts would you be leaving from?
  3. Yep - FTG = Ferntree Gully.

    Can leave from various locations, suggest maybe a servo in cranbourne? Then it is not too far out of your way too!.

    I downloaded the race schedule, and will be leaving earlier now - suggest a 7:00 am start from the Maccasl in Cranbourne? Have to have brekky somehere! Just look for the black 109. no issues if plans change - but I will be motoring out at 7:00
  4. Ok, what the hell, I'm in :grin:

    No idea where the Cranbourne Maccas is, but happy to meet you there :)

    Now the question is do I have time before Sat to put back on my bike the slightly scratched modded pipes that the repairers replaced with brand new ones that they didn't get around to modding (and which I've decided to leave unmodded and keep as spares should I decide to sell the bike at some point) ....or do I not bother and put up with sewing machine sounds for the trip until the new pipes I ordered from the US arrive...:LOL: