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(cruiser riders) - BRANDO Jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jphanna, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. have you noticed the amount of 'BRANDO' jackets advertised....but i havnt seen any on the road.

    do you have one, or know of anyone who has one?
    what do you think of them?
  2. you're kidding aren't ya?

    I'm pretty sure you're trolling but I'll bite anyway...

    The Brando style jacket has been around for years and can be spotted pretty much anywhere - its a style rather than a specific brand of jacket; named after - wait for it - the jacket worn by Marlon Brando in the Wild One

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  3. Not Trolling.

    i like the look of it. i will buy one soon. i havnt seen a lot on the roads i do. they are mainly the ones that the sport bike guys do. twisties in hills. dont get a chance to speak with many cruiser guys when i stop at bakeries/pubs/cafes.
  4. I have one, but since investing in a better jacket, I only wear the brando to fancy dress parties. They look kinda cool but I can't help but feel abit ridiculous whilst wearing one. Oh well.
  5. they lasted 50 years, and thats speaks volumes. sure the village people may have done them an injustice since 1980......but cruisers and that 'wild ones' image, go hand in hand.

    wear it with pride. i just gotta find the time to find out where they are in adelaide.
  6. You don't see them 'cos they're all bought by middle-aged weekend wobblers who only ever ride 5km down to the cafe on Sunday morning and 5km home again for a lengthy polishing session.

    I have an ancient fringed Lewis Leathers copy (still pretty good quality though) which was old when I was given it 25 years ago. It's been crashed in, slept in, rained on, had beer, oil and blood spilt on it, and been rolled around in the mud. It's needed a new zip, a couple of seam repairs and a patch over an abrasion hole in one elbow. The lining disapeared somewhere along the track and the fringe on one sleeve is a bit sad where a donkey chewed it. It's been evidence in a criminal investigation. In short, it has seen a bit of life and remains one of my treasured posessions, even though it appears to have shrunk in recent years. I'd quite like it to be buried with me.

    So I think they're great, apart from a couple of points.

    Until maybe 10 years ago, I'd never heard them described as "Brandos". I s'pose it's a universally understood description, but it was, until relatively recently, adequate to simply use the term "leather jacket" and everyone knew that what was meant was a black, waist length, lancer fronted cultural icon, not some Power Ranger prop.

    Secondly, WTF is it with the epaulettes and waist belt? Bloody horrible things. If you're not in the Forces or the Emergency Services, epaulettes serve no purpose and look crap. The waist belt puts a buckle right where it will scratch your tank and it's another bit to do up when you put the jacket on. If you must adjust the fit of the waist, what's wrong with the side straps on the British take on the idea? Much neater and less detrimental to paintwork.

    [/rant] :D.
  7. I love em'. Haven't got one yet but it is on my list. That design is just classic.
  8. if the buckle goes anywhere near the tank i wont get one for sure.

    5kms? what a waste of time!!! i dont have skills to ride fast, but my idea of a decent ride is 150-200kms in an afternoon, doing sweepers, hairpins, rolling hills and maybe a small stretch to rev it out. thats prob why i dont see many cruisers in my travels.

    no use having a shiny lounge room decoration. mine is detailed for sure, but after i give it a hammering.

    back on topic.... will take note of the buckle position for sure. thanks for noting.
  9. I bought my first Brando Jacket at 16, Its bounced down the road countless times over the years with me in it, and at Kitten exploding speeds, After 40 odd years and over a million miles in it. And 4 different genuine OMC patches on it, it finally gave up the ghost as I could not fit into it any more, So I bought a new one from Bikers Gear on Phillip Island, 7 different size mediums I tried and I got one to fit me. Very happy with it, It does not have Kevlar or any other crap in it. It is all thick leather. People are very surprised when I hand it to them, As the weight of it is very heavy, 3 mm thick. But it keeps my body from being torn to shreds if and when I do come off.
    Its not for show, Its for my health and well being that I wear it, But I usually only wear it for the cold these days,
    The buckle does dig into the tank, but a tank protector fixes that problem.
  10. Buckle can be an issue - I have a 'tank bra' to protect my paintwork.

    Agree with the epaulettes - can't quite work them out

    Decent ride - 500km in a day+ is perfect if I have the time!

    I ride twisties etc on my cruiser as well....not nearly a fast as the power rangers but still fun.
  11. Have been meaning to buy one for a long time and this is what I have in mind.

    'Brando' jacket but minus the belt. I like the whole look except the belt hence this is what caught my eye.

  12. nice...how much and where from?
  13. Ouch. You don't pull any punches PatB.

    I have one, it's my main jacket, I'm not middle aged, I have all my hair, I ride a sports bike for more than 5kms at a time. :)

    It's a fine jacket for the price, I think I paid around $250 for mine (Extreme brand, generic brand you get from AMX, etc.), but considering you can get good A*/Dainese jackets for not much more, for most people, it's probably more of a fashion thing. I bought it because I couldn't stretch to a better one, I can't see any reason to replace it just yet.

    Cons: Bit bulky in the sleeves compared to more modern stuff (can cause problems with some gloves), belt is non optional, zips tabs on mine are a bit flimsy, nothing a cable tie won't fix. Leather can be quite thick, took a while to break in. I have a few scratches on the very top of my tank from lying on it, but that won't be an issue with a cruiser.

    Had it for about 5 years or so, holding up pretty well considering the price.

    Edit: The epaulettes, as far as I can tell are for catching on your backpack when you're trying to get it on or off, leaving you in that awkward 'arms locked above & behind your back/head like a retard' pose. At least that's how they work for me.
  14. Check T H I S

    Hand made in the US & apparently very good. Not many jackets are 1.4-1.6 mm thick these days with that price & I hope to make the purchase one day. :)
  15. I have one as my main jacket both for commuting and touring. I think I've had it for four or five years. It's just a summer jacket for me - I have a fleece-lined Bomber jacket for winter.

    I love it. Although it looked better when there was not a belly pushing against it. I guess the epaulettes are a form of shoulder pads? I like the belt, but not for any real practical purpose...it just makes me feel more...belted in? I've never had a problem with scratches. If you're going to get one, get it with armour, because you might as well.

    I think they look great, and are very practical.
  16. I probably should have put a smiley after the Weekend Wobbler bit :D.

    Yup. Real leathers should make you grunt when you lift them :D.

    I've got nothing against modern developments in armour and abrasion resistance though. When I next get round to buying one, which might be a while given that I could get a licensed bike for what I'd expect to pay for the jacket I want, it'll have elbow and shoulder armour as a minimum. I baulk at a back protector as I can't see how to do it inconspicuously, but I suppose it would balance the gut pouch at the front :D.
  17. i have to of those jackets.. great love it
  18. I had one. I found that it 'rode up' and 'bunched' under the back of the helmet, not particularly comfortable. I donated it as a raffle prize.