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Cruiser Question - thick front tyre or thin front tyre?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DUK35, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, just got a quick question, I've been looking around at some cruisers to maybe upgrade to and I've noticed that alot of the 'Custom' Models will have bigger but thinner front tyres than the stock cruisers which normally comes with a thick from tyre almost the same as the rear tyre.

    Apart from cornering and wobbly-ness - whats the real difference in performance between the two?

  2. Performance? WAAAAHAHAHA! Good one!

    Dude, custom cruisers are built with a list of priorities:

    1) How fat can I get the rear tyre
    2) How cool can I make this look
    3) How much shiny shit can I bolt on
    4) How far can I rake the front out and still fit it in my garage

    You'd have to look a looooooooo....ooooooooong way down the list to find "performance" or "handling."

    Standard size tyres will steer better, whopping big diameter thin tyres will allegedly attract more pussy. (Except, there's no back seat to put said pussy on anyway, and you're actually only going to attract other hairy, bearded male motorcycle freaks.)
  3. I personally don't like the thin big front tyres but I do like the custom models that kawasaki put out like the VN900 Custom.

    maybe you're mixing Custom in this sense with Custom in 'west coast choppers' sense. I'm not after a chopper, i'm after a Custom model from a line of production like the Yamaha custom models, Honda shadow customs etc.

    not really after the pussy factor, just after a nice comfortable bike to ride on and pillion my girl from time to time and maybe do a couple of long distance rides out the country. I'm not after the chromes and bling blings or the broken muffler sounding pipes. I'm after a nice clean, comfortable bike.

    so i guess taking from your comment I shouldn't be worried about the steering output between the thin or think front tyres?
  4. Go with whatever make the bike look best because they are not going to make any difference to a lazy cruisers handling.
  5. Yeah you gotta point :)

  6. the larger and slightly nimbler tyre suits my bike perfectly, for the shape it could not turn better really
  7. The smaller fat tyres will make the front ponderous and heavy.

    the bigger wheels are better on rough surfaces.

    17" tyres are the most common, then 18" after that you are getting into increasingly harder to get tyres. something to keep in mind.

    I personally think 18" wheels are better for bikes but you can't get very good tyres for them.
  8. Thanks guys, yeah come to look at it I do kinda like the larger wheel, I'm a small guy so I'd hate to always be fighting the steering all the time. especially on those narrow streets where a 3 point turn needs to be done, yuk.

    This one has a 21inch front tyre and a 15 inch (180mm) rear tyre, belt drive and about 900cc - costs around $13,000 brand new, pretty good I reckon..... altho I'm kinda hooked on Yamaha aswell - choices choices...


    now if only I had enough dough left to get a Gixxer 750.......
  9. now thats hot
  10. That thing would definitely do what you're asking it to.
  11. Nice wheels mate, hopefully you'll be a happy couple (or triple). Don't worry too much about front wheel, not gonna make much difference. You will be scraping those pegs well before front wheel makes any noticable difference.
  12. Hmmm...I knew there was something suspicious about the way you were looking at me! :rofl:
  13. Is it just me or are the prices ridiculously inflated in the second hand cruiser market? Been looking around for a second bike and even entry level mid 90s models are fetching close to ten grand.
    I could get a 2000> sport bike or tourer for that kind of money!
  14. Yeah and was one of the primary reasons I bought new - couldn't save myself anything much by buying second hand. Well that and that "mmmm... shiny!" new bike smell :grin:
  15. I'd probably do the same if it wasn't for the fact I'd rather a shiny new Fireblade :D The cruiser is just to keep the missus happy ;)