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Cruiser Project Questions

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Guys,

    I want to put together a cruiser while I'm on restrictions...
    I don't know what particular bike i want, as they are all relatively similar but can be heavily modified :)

    My question is...

    What is the cheapest/easiest cruiser to do a project(kind of like ground up) to?

    Couple of required items are:
    Backrest for pillion

    That's about it for required things...

    I would like your suggestions! :) cheers guys

  2. Down a little bit on capacity but the Hyosung GV650 Aquilas are cheap to buy even when they're new - could make a good base for a project.
  3. Also

    Is it worth buying 2nd hand or going new?

    If 2nd hand... what would be cheap to get from a wreckers?

    If new... what price would I be looking at?
  4. This is going to depend on what exactly you're planning on doing to the bike. Is it solely going to be cosmetic or are you planning on making serious modifications to the engine itself?
  5. @ the end of the day, unless it is a Harley no one else but you will be interested in it unfortunately.
  6. not too fussed on engine mods... long as the standard power is there

    main mods i want would be to assist long distance cruising...

    comfort mods...
    and of course everything shiney... (but comfort over shine for me)

    nice engine with a lot of torque...

    maybe some paniers for luggage capacity...
  7. I get off restrictions in 43 days, you better believe I have been thinking about this...

    For price, looks, and the potential to do the kind of things you're talking about... in my book, for someone coming off restrictions, it doesnt get much better than Suzuki's Boulevard line. Last time I looked, Peter Stevens melbourne had an '05 Boulevard M50 for $10,500. there might even be ones coming off their first owner for cheaper in the next 12 months.

    If your thoughts lead you in a similar direction, this forum is worth a look. November's edition of Two Wheels had a writeup as well I think.
  8. If i was looking 2nd hand... what bike would be easily modified?
    Cheap to buy 2nd hand???

    (anything 750+)

    i'm after a few different bikes as suggestions... that way i can look at them a bit more in detail and decide on exactly the one i want...

    suggest away! :)
  9. why not go a triumph speedmaster plenty of class for a good price new or secondhand
  10. Seen plenty of XV1100 Viragos around for sale cheap, they're even bringing in grey imports - know someone who rides one and they're certainly suitable for riding very long distances.
  11. I had a 1997 Honda Shadow 750.
    very nice bike. backrest, saddlebags etc.
    That would be my pick.

    also read the following for a 1997 cruiser shootout

    their results were:
    #1 Honda Shadow ACE 750
    #2 Harley-Davidson 883 Sportster
    #3 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic
    #4 Yamaha Virago 750
    #5 Suzuki Marauder
  12. If what is new? A Chinese bike or American?

    Bit of price difference between a wreckers and a new showroom.

    Need to know what is your total budget - including mods you want to do??

    So engines mods and accessories?

    Wouldn't really recommend buying any bike new. Especially if you are going to customise it.

    The idea is to find the bike you like with accessories already on it. Somone else takes both the depreciation hit as well as the hit on the accessories. Dealers give very little "premium" when trading in modded bikes so you might find someone selling privately who has traded up and wants just a bit more than the dealer offered.
  13. Don't know about that my TBA gets plenty of attention :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Love the Speedmaster, but dont know about it being cheap? $15k aint just pocket change.
  15. if i can get something 2nd hand... i'd be happy to get something that needs "a lot of work"... and spend only a few thousand...

    or something with not so much work... and 2nd hand for 6k?

    i duno if i can do this realistically?
  16. I posted an early 80's Sporty on liddonit's thread that was under $6 - looked quite neat

    I stuffed up that page so wont do the same here. Be a pretty good bike for a first up classic.

    A couple of grand bike probably gonna be plenty of work. Spend the cash now and just enjoy it.
  17. thing is... i haven't gone for my licence (still on my L's...) cos i don't have a day off work in the foreseeable future...

    so i've got at least a year!
    so if i do go buy something awesome... i will be so tempted to enjoy it before i'm off restrictions... aw well... we'll see how i go :)
  18. maybe a vmax might be ok for you
  19. The vstar 1100 is a good cruiser. BUT it isn't a harley. Ive done a fair amount of work to mine, but for resale value it isnt a harley and although it may aswell be for the $$ that have been spent, its just not.

    Dont spend too much doing up a bike unless its a harley.
  20. i've fallen in love with a harley fatboy...
    well any of the softails to be honest...

    it's a very expensive love interest the way prices go... but buying right now is gonna be miles off :( stupid funds!

    starting to record what i spend now... so it'll turn around soon :)