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Cruiser owners Brisbane report in

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by kingy, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. hay guys

    just wanted to see who was on a cruiser in and around brissy area...

    name is matt from south side brissy currently ridding 07 honda shadow...
  2. I lvie on Brisbanes northside and ride a Yamaha Virago 1100cc. Hubby rides a tourer (Triumph Trophy). Plenty of great rides around Brissy, I cant wait til Mt Glorious is open again.
  3. awesome might see you out and about..
  4. on the southside too nice and close to Tamborine ride a C109
  5. love ridding down there...
  6. I live out Toowoomba way, but im often out and about around brisbane/gold coast on my Suzy C50

  7. DDC hope you were ok in the floods up there !
  8. Hey Kingy

    living on the soutside xvs650 classic, gotta love them cruisers
  9. G'Day Kingy,
    Yeah, I got out completely unscathed, so was one of the VERY lucky ones.
    I actually live right next to grantham, but on slightly higher ground, so a few of my neighbours houses were wiped out :( Still is a pretty horrible situation. My thoughts go out to the people who lost everything.

    Appreciate the thought mate!

  10. Hi Kingy

    I live at Samford at the foot of Mt Glorious. Currently riding a '11 Suzi C50T. Time tends to be short with studies, volunteering (Sat morning),business and acreage living but I am always interested in a ride if I can fit it in.
  11. Hey Kingy,

    I live in Ipswich but I wasn't born there. Used to have a '09 Boulevard M50, Now i have an '09 M90.
  12. I'm on the southside, in Sunnybank Hills...
  13. Southside, Tarragindi.

    Just picked up a beautiful Honda VT750S in white.

    You'll notice me on the road from the huge grin on my face.

    Weather hasn't been too good at the moment but hoping for some sun so me and the missus can put some k's on it over Easter.

    :) Andy
  14. Hey Andy, keep a lookout for a white XVS650 Classic........rider also is wearing a big grin and looking for some fine weather.
  15. Was wondering if there any places where riders meet up ? Nothing organized but just friendly cages etc ? Seen bikes at the cafe on Mt Glorious road at weekends....any others ?

    Will be taking a trip down to Bearded Dragon tavern near Tambourine on Sunday lunchtime to see Mason Racks band (on the bike weather permitting), always a few bikes down there.

    Cheers Andy
  16. Live down in Rochedale, blue XVS 650 Classic. Enjoying the ride up Glorious, Nebo and Tamborine as well as into Northern NSW. Love being back on a bike again!