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cruiser dilema

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by fatman, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am changing from a sportsbike (FJ1200) to a cruiser (getting old me thinks) and sort of settled on the new Yamaha XVS 950. The specs sound good, the bike looks good and when I go to get on e the sales guys are doing everthing they can to help me out till one says, "oh by the way, I have a couple of brand new 08 V-star 1300's out back for $500 less if your inerseted, your choice of colours. :roll: . whattodowhattodowhattodowhattodo, now I can't decide.
    Does anyone out there know or had experience with either of these bikes?
    I am trying to get a test ride on both bikes and doing research in between.

  2. What sort of dollars are they quoting you for the 950? I am looking at the 950 as an upgrade from the 650, but there are some things that are turning me off the 950, one of them is the price.... $14K + orc.

    There are also some things that I am not real sure about with the 950, most noticeably the position of the rear brake fluid. I am not that keen on foot plates instead of pegs either.

    It is a hard decision for me, but more because the 650 is a great ride as well.

    Keep us posted!
  3. IMHO cruisers are meant to be torquey with lots of low down grunt.

    The XVS950 (which I haven't ridden btw) is the replacement for the XVS1100 (which I've ridden a fair bit) and makes the same horsepower but less torque.

    FWIW I think the XVS1100 doesn't have enough torque as it is.

    If you can get the 1300 for similar $ to the 950 then I'd jump at it (YMMV and all that).
  4. I assume there isn't much difference in fuel concumption. That aside it's easy: go the 1300! If it's a grande more, go the 1300!
  5. If you'll be spending any time commuting in traffic, the 1300 is water cooled, which will keep it happier.
  6. Around the 15 grand mark for the 950 ($13990 + ORC) and about $14,600 for the 1300.

    I'm skittery about the foot plate too, I broke an ankle when riding through a mangrove swamp (caught a tree root) and I'm a bit toey when the plates scrape in corners.

  7. Most cruisers aren't good in corners, the Suzuki M50 and the Guzzi Bellagio and the Harley XR1200 are about the only ones that handle ok.

    If you're worried about scraping the foot boards in corners then maybe you aren't quite ready for a cruiser yet...
  8. I have no experience with Yamaha bikes at all... but I gotta tell ya that an extra 5 or 6 hungy for a 1300 looks damn good to me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I ride a Honda VTX1300 and absolutely LOVE it. And the floorboards are easy to get used to... if you don't like 'em, replace 'em with pegs!


  9. G’day fatman,
    See my previous comments here regarding the XVS 1300. I’m getting approximately 5.5lt/100km on mine. Have had it under 5lt/100km when being gentle with the wrist. There’s one annoying noise problem with the forks which is documented here. I reported it at my first major service (10,000km) so that it’s documented but am living with it. Another problem is under certain light conditions the speedo is difficult to read. Apart from these issues (more +ve than -ve) I’m very happy with the bike. A friend who has a XVS 1100 rode it the other day and was impressed with the handling and acceleration. It’s very easy to manoeuvre due to the low C of G and good weight distribution between front and rear wheel (48% on the front wheel).For the price (forgetting that I’m biased) i’d go for the 1300. :grin:
    EDIT: the RRP Last year was $16540+orc
  10. yep for extra $600 the 1300 wins hands down for me.
  11. Gotta agree with the others, for half a grand extra go the 1300. :grin:
  12. if I start with

    Tim the toolman is my hero.

    Does that portray my feelings?

    Always have more power. You dont have to twist the wrist and use all of it, all of the time. But when you want to, you can!.

    I have no regrets going from the M50 to the M109 - and had no dramas either!. And it is nice cruising at 240+ rather than 140+, even if your feet dont want to stay on the pegs!.

    The 1300 IMHO is a better buy, I would try closing the gap by 200-300$, and then JUST DO IT!.
  13. Looking at 1300 myself.
    None of dealers I visited in Sydney have brand new 1300 in stock.
    And you found dealer who have couple? who is that dealer?
  14. Bikebiz at Parramatta
  15. Once you have your arse in the saddle and throddle in your palm you will know which bike is for you ... you can listen to a lot of who ha re rides, but at the end of the day , its YOUR ride...
  16. Switching from a FJ1200 to a cruiser you might find the 950 too sedate
  17. Finally made up my mind and went with the XVS 1300.
    I rode a few others, the xvs 950 scrapes the boards chaniging lanes (too scary), the 1100 is a nice bike to ride but the 1300 was the one for me.

  18. Better put in a photo

  19. Very Nice !!! :LOL: - Im sure you will be enjoying cruising with that ride :!: :!:
  20. Good choice...... Red bikes go faster. ! :)

    What was the ride-away final cost?