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Cruiser decision made...now which one ?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by I'm Simon, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. I am off restrictions very soon and have made the decision to go to a cruiser. The actual decision to go to a cruiser was pretty easy, I like to be comfortable and I like to go on nice weekend rides looking at the scenery etc rather than fanging through the twisties. (The kids are getting older now and the Mrs may even throw the leg over the back of a cruiser).

    Anyhoo, I think I have pretty much narrowed my decision down to one of the following, XVS1100, VN800 Vulcan, Boulevard C50 / M50. I am pretty keen on the classic looks of the Boulevard.

    So, basically I am open to advice / suggestions / pro's / con's from owners of these beasties to help in the final decision.
  2. personally i would go the m50 suzuki out the bunch you have chosen but if i got the chance i would take the m109

    only because it will do everything you want it to do and plus the 240 rear section i soo sweet

    plus the added torque is great... :grin:
  3. My advice is to reconsider!
    You don't have to "fang" big bikes its up to your right wrist and they can be as comfortable as you like. Have a look at the Blackbird as an example. (FJR, ST, GTR out of your range?)
    Cruisers may be nice but they are limited. They have less braking performance. Are heavy. Have less ground clearance. Not all that accommodating for pillions.
    Any chance of a rethink?
  4. Me I like the speedmaster :cool: :cool:
  5. Yes, but some are waaay less limited than others.

  6. I dont think thats what OP had in mind :LOL: They do have appeal though :wink:
  7. I've heard of cruisers actually being harsher on the spine coz you're in a position that gives less boyancy for the spine for any bumps you go over. Also, more pressure on your bum... just what I'd heard that had suprised me. They always looked more comfy. Anyway, worth discussing more with cruiser riders to check.

    All the best with your decision!
  8. If you're buying a cruiser, why not go a secondhand Harley?
  9. Tomorrow I am off to buy a 109.

    That means I need to sell the M50!. In my opinion the best mid sized cruiser.

    14,000 klm, debadged, debaffled, TFI unit, Braided lines, stebel horn, ventura rack. 11/07 Reg first reg 8/11/2006.
    In basic black.

    Need $7k for it.
  10. Told you it would be this month.. :LOL:

    And i had a C50.. Great bike to ride, looked the goods. But i must agree with Pinkxie, can be harsh on the lower back because of the vertical riding position.
  11. You win. That is you, and the greedy little voice in my head that wants more more more!
  12. C'mon Loz, don't forget to mention the Hyosungs :LOL:.

    Seriously though the 883 Harley isn't a bad buy considering it will hold it's value well - if only it wasn't for that stupid airbox getting in the way of your right leg.
  13. Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 mean streak. :eek:
  14. M50 .

    OK ,we can close this thread now ,hes got the right answer to the question.
    Nothing more to see here ,move along. :LOL:

    No really ,the M50 is great and after 1.5 years it's still got enough power for the average Joe ,but might be a little slow to a rev head after a year.
    One thing is to really look at the rear seat ,I would hate to set on any cruiser seat for more the 20 minutes ,if your going to pillion alot ,do alot of reseach.
  15. You can always do a lumpectomy on the seat which improves it immensely.

    I managed multiple days of 1000klm after this 20 minute operation.
  16. Test ride as many as you can :cool: The Jap ones all look the same to me :p All are reliable and comes down to what you want out of the bike.

    Then look at new Vs second hand. If it was me I'd be going for as much cc as I could afford.

    And agree with Loz, try and check out a post 04 1200 Sportster Custom
  17. I own a Yamaha XVS1100A - the V-Star Classic - and absolutely love it. I'm 6'2" and have spent a lot of time on it. I have found it extremely comfortable!! I have it kitted out with a screen, saddlebags, light bar, sissybar and luggage rack etc, do many long rides on it and for touring I've found it great.

    Brakes on it are excellent, it's extremely reliable and pretty much bulletproof. Nice and torquey, plenty of power and works great two up. No complaints from the pillion with regards to comfort either. With its low centre of gravity and weight it is extremely stable. It's been ridden in some truly horrible conditions and hasn't missed a beat.

    And I'd have to say after being rear ended by a sports bike the other week and getting dropped on the road, its very resilient! Minor scratches on my bike, the other bike a write-off.

    I'd highly recommend you consider one :)
  18. Thanks for all the replies and advice, prolly more confused now than I was before :LOL:

    Interested in the comments re pillion, for some reason I had it in my head that a cruiser (with back rest) would be comfortable for a pillion, seems that I may be wrong.

    Am going to sit on (and soon test ride) as many as I can.

    Was a tad surprised that you suggested a Harley Loz, I thought you might have recommended the Hyo GV650 :LOL:

    Interested in hearing about the ride comfort from anyone that has gone from a sports / tourer to a cruiser following pinkxie's comments.

    Again, thanks for the help everyone.
  19. And the latest ones even look like a motorcycle, instead of a 1951 Howard DH22 & Rotovator. (still go like one though)
  20. My last bike was a BMW K100RT tourer. My above comments stand about the cruiser. They are obviously different bikes, but I am no less comfortable on the cruiser than I was on the tourer.

    On a pillion note, on the BMW, the air blast from the screen directed it nicely over the top of the rider's head, and then directly into the front of the pillion's helmet, unless they were uber short, resulting in massive neck pain on a decent trip. I've had 6' pillions on my cruiser and the screen I have on it does a much better job.