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Cruiser Cover

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by zilli, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. Gday Guys,

    Im after some recommendations on motorcyles covers. The bike is stored in a garage but im after something that will keen the dust off, and avoid scratched etc from careless family members moving stuff around it.

    So essentially it doesnt need to be something that protects from rain, as if i do need to leave it outside it will be in a undercover area.

    I want something that will really portect the finish, the wax etc...

    hope you guys can help, im not too worried about cost as i see it as an investment in my future detailing time.


  2. I just use a 'deluxe' motorcycle cover from Super Cheap, like you I am only protecting my bike from dust.

    I had to go bigger than the recommendations on the box as the indicated sizing seems to be for a sports bike.
  3. whats is the quality like? im worried about the underside and the way it secures
  4. It's pretty good. The underside is felt like to prevent scratching. It is secure onto the bike by two methods: elastic around front and back, plus a 'button' in the middle.
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  6. i was looking at the Covercraft ones, expensive, but i want the best protection for the paint and the bike underneath the cover, as it is always undercover
  7. you can actually by them from suzuki. Or i found the ones from the states to fit the cruisers better.

    Just be careful if your bike is dusty when putting the cover on and removing it as dragging across the dust will scratch the bike as well.
  8. If the bike is not out in the weather an old flannelette sheet works fine. Keeps the dust off and doesn’t scratch the paint.
  9. I've got a Motogard cover specifically bought for my M50. Fit is excellent & has reinforcing in the right areas to prevent tears. Suggest you get onto your local bike shop & get them to do the legwork for you...........

    Cheers & good luck.............Bear
  10. thanks bear, my local shop is Sydney City Motorcycles... i didnt like the quality of their product to be honest... i was something thats really going to protect underneath? but then i didnt take a very good look at them, i might go back...

    I'm probably being a bit too fussy to be honest

    atm im using a cotton bedsheet
  11. I do not know what they would be like, or even if they would fit, but Aldi are having a special on bike stuff. Their add says that their bike cover is fleece lined and water resistant for $40.

    Might be worth a look if there is one around you.