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Cruiser Boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Fragbait, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I'm looking to add a pair of boots to my panoply but I'm having some problems finding exactly what I'm looking for. I ride a Cruiser these days and am looking for a style of boot to match. Something like the classic looking Johnny Reb style of boot would fit the bill and I actually have a boot like this in brown leather which is great, but now I also want one in black.

    I've tracked down the Johnny Reb brand here in Melbourne and am just astounded at how stupidly heavy the things are. What are the soles made of, concrete? I don't like the idea of wearing something this heavy especially if I'm going to be doing a bit of walking around while wearing them. In comparison my brown boots are very light and quite comfortable to be walking around in. They're also about 15 years old and not a motorcycle brand boot so I have no idea about tracking down a version in black.

    I am hoping though that the collective knowledge of the group out there can help to point me in the right direction of a brand in the style that I want. Any suggestions people?
  2. Try Chippewa.

    I've got a pair, very well made, but they're steel shanked as well, so that might be where some of the weight comes from.
  3. Johny Reb Boots

    I wear Johnny reb short boots as my office wear - 6 days a week.

    I find them very comfortable and long wearing. The pair I have on today is about 18 months old, and look almost new (cleaned once a week with dubbin or nikwax)
    The heels have been redone once, but, cuban heels - you will get that.

    Didnt think they were heavy!.

    I wear SIDI boots on the bike - Dont think the Rebs have enough ankle protection anyway. Tough, but in an accident - reckon anything that slips on easy would slip OFF easy too!.
  4. +1 to that........ :?
    If you're not particularly concerned about having feet or toes by all means wear slip on shoes/boots.
    One of the first things to come off if your sliding across the tarmac at speed.
    Same goes for those cutesy summer kid-leather gloves that you see....

    I'm sure you are sensible and wear the gear so all I'll say is........
    Hands and Feet are vital bits to hang on to.......

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  6. Thanks for the input guys and yes, elastic sided slip ons are not going to make the grade for me.

    Does anyone know a store in Melbourne that actually stocks the Chippewa brand? I always have a lot of trouble finding footware to fit so buying untried off the net is not a viable option for me I'm afraid.

    I would love to head down to Richmond and try on some of the Redwing boots but why the hell are they only open during the week? I kind of have this pesky thing called work that provides me money so I can afford to buy boots, so if I don't go to work, I can't afford the boots! Some businesses just don't seem to want to make it easy for a consumer to buy something from them.
  7. Frag, you're spot on mate. I'm always amazed at the places that don't do a full weekends trade. Anyway...

    No idea about local stockists of Chippewa. Ordered from the states direct, and got some nifty jackboots for $140 delivered. They have all kinds of sizing information and ways to measure your feet that help. But then again, it IS a personal thing so it'd be a gamble, especially if you're a bit fussy about your tootsies.
  8. I ride a xvs650. I went with the Alpinestars SMX 1 Riding Shoe.

    I got them in all black. A bit pricey but they look the part IMO.