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Cruiser accesories

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by micksing, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Does anyone make cruiser accesories without f*#king eagles on them ,

  2. Haha.
    So what you are saying is that you don't like eagles?
  3. let me guess

    american bald headed eagle right ?
  4. stupid censor...forget it.
  5. wow thats right ,you must be phsycic lol
  6. Sooooo - a rhetorical question, a vent, or are you really asking? I'll pick number 2....
  7. both !!!
  8. hahaha, there are three options!!

    Anyways....yes, the Yankee pride thing is pretty prevalent. I've found quite a bit of the Kuryakyn stuff I've seen to be shiny but not so eagle dominated. Was there anything in particular you were looking for?
  9. I thought I was psychotic
  10. Are'nt all bike rider's " according to public opinion lol
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  11. Yes. They do.

    In a rare piece of choice however, you do now seem to get a choice between having tassles and studds, or not.
  12. Try www.cruisercustomizing.com
    I ride a Yamaha and have bought all of my accessories from there, they have a wide range for all different bikes.
  13. thanks for the info , yes tassles & studs are a sad fact of life too it seems, I should just buy a Virago & look like a total tool
  14. What exactly are you looking for? As Tone2 said - Kuryakyn make some nice accessories and not all have the eagle on them.

    I bought levers last year and they are bloody awesome.

    Got the mirrors from Arlen Ness and they've been good as well.

  15. I've got some flame mirrors in a drawer somewhere you can have if you want them....
  16. Thanks for the info, have to get rid of some stuff with eagles on it first, Mirrors,saddlebags , rushed in a bit quick when first got bike lol
  17. (y) All good. No problems.

    I bought my stuff from Republic Cycle (LINK)

    Contact person: Glenn. That man is a legend.
  18. you could probably trade for stuff with skulls on it instead of eagles....