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Cruise Control

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Teamsherman, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. I dont have that specific one, but a similar one... comes in handy when you wanna relax/stretch the wrists on longer rides... Havent really used it as a cruise control on longer distances as i like havin the throttle control but as i said handy if you need to use your right hand for anything... but hey i'm a learner, more experienced may have had more use
  2. that looks great for a cruise in the motorway
  3. The thing to remember us you are only locking the throttle position. Your speed will speed up or slow down with hills. F

    I've used throttle friction locks before like the Throttle Meister which simply replaces the end weight. They work fine, but are a dim distant second rate option compared to a more expensive electronic one. An MC Cruise might cost $800 but compare it to a couple of speeding fines.

    I've ridden many miles with no more input to speed than my index finger on my factory cruise control to bump it up or down as required.

  4. Yeah this is true... that's why i don't normally bother with it in the hills... plus if your constantly focused on trying to adjust it, your attention isn't on the road... When i upgrade i may consider proper cruise control, but on my 250, for the runs i do its just not a practical investment.
  5. I rarely worry about adjusting my throttle lock. I generally set it at about 95/100 kph and just let the bike go when on the highway. No dramas with the lower 80kph advisory limits on bends either.

    The lock was the second thing I fitted after the tow bar after getting the bike seven years ago and I've just never got around to upgrading to a cruise control yet.
  6. Yeah, I've got the go cruise, it's reasonable good for the price. Won't hold the throttle open indefinantly, but it will hold it longer enough to allow you to get rid of any cramps etc
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  7. Perfect, just what I want it for!
  8. Got mine yesterday, spot on the money Friday. Very happy with it as well.
  9. What you can do is put a cable tie through one of the holes to add a bit more grip to it
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  10. After having a look and a play today, that sounds like a good idea. thanks for the tip :)
  11. Yeah cool, I'll chuck a cable tie on mine too.
  12. Considering having my 07 Tiger fitted with dig cruise control, sick of the manual one I'am currenty using. Theres not too many options on types, albeit I have to have it for my touring future. Quote was $14-1500 from Dale McLean @ Swansea NSW.... but, I did get one warning about aftermarket cruise not being all that good ( but don't know if he meant this particular one). If you have had a thumbs-up or down with this, please post your feedback. Thanks Keith
  13. The MC Cruise is absolutely incredible, you DO get what you pay for.
    it will lock onto the set speed and stay there all day, up/down hills, wind etc. They work better than car ones do
  14. Thanks Duc, exactly what I wanted to hear. Will get it done.
  15. I've got the Kato on my Z1000. Don't like it or use it much and I'm getting rid of it. I find the throttle is too touchy to maintian speed. A change in head wind/tail wind, up or down hills, even the slightest gradeint change or just shifting positions on the seat makes big differences to the bikes speed. So I'm either constantly changing the throttle position or I'm accelerating and decelerating all the time. The only cruise control that might work porperly is an electronic one and at over $1,000, I don't think it's worth it. Think I'll get an ash tray instead.